Case Study: A1 Austria Modernizes Video Collaboration with Logitech

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A1 is part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region with around 26 million customers in seven countries. With approximately 5.1 million mobile customers and 1.9 million fixed lines, A1 is Austria's leading communications provider. Customers benefit from a comprehensive range of services from a single source, including voice telephony, Internet access, digital cable TV, data and IT solutions, wholesale services as well as mobile business and payment solutions. The brands A1, bob, Red Bull MOBILE and Yesss! stand for top quality and smart services.




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Over time, A1’s  existing equipment became obsolete. Finding a solution to this was the  focus of A1's Cloud & Workspace Service department, whose remit includes video collaboration. Upgrading equipment to deliver the most modern video collaboration experience was a hot topic for the department. However, for a company the size of A1, a topic that may be simple in theory comes with challenges.

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In the course of modernisation, 250 rooms were refitted to connect the over 7,600 employees as well as partners and clients with state-of-the-art video technology. Alongside the desire for top-notch audio and video quality, the interdisciplinary A1 project team was particularly looking for a solution that was as easy to use as possible, to enable simple and productive work for A1 employees. This reduction in complexity includes the following points: 

• Participation in hybrid Microsoft Teams meetings without a personal device

• No cable clutter on the meeting table

• Simple and intuitive operation of solutions via touchpad.

• Best in class video & audio room systems


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Logitech for Business solutions met these requirements across the board. 198 Logitech room systems optimized for Microsoft Teams were provided to enable next-level video collaboration. Logitech's Microsoft Teams solutions, optimized for ease of use without the need for a separate end device, were of particular importance. With the Logitech Tap digital touchpad, employees were able to start their meetings with the touch of a button. The additional AI viewfinder capability in Rally Bar optimizes video settings during the meeting without participants having to worry about it. Other Logitech video collaboration solutions, such as the Rally Camera and Logitech MeetUp, were also implemented. In those rooms, NUC Mini PCs enabled meetings without the need for a personal device. But it was not just the ease of use that tipped the scales in favor of Logitech, the price/performance ratio was also an important factor. This was also reflected in the user feedback that A1 gathered from its employees during a test phase where the Logitech solutions consistently received positive feedback from the people who interacted with them.

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As a digital and communications expert, A1 handled the installation and planning entirely in-house. In just 14 months, A1 staff took on the complete roll-out, from evaluation and testing, through procurement and installation, to setting up the support team, alongside their regular work. This ensured that any key video collaboration issues could be resolved quickly and easily by A1's own team.

The Logitech solutions also offers the company a high level of investment security. Whether plug-and-play or appliance mode, the devices are system-agnostic and compatible with, or most often certified for, most popular video conferencing platforms. This means that A1 can rest assured that it will always be able to make the best use of the equipment in the future. In addition, individual components can be easily replaced or upgraded without affecting the user experience. Ultimately, A1 achieved its goal of intuitive and productive collaboration with Logitech video collaboration solutions.



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