Case Study: NHOA enables video collaboration with Logitech

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NHOA is an international company specializing in energy storage systems, electric mobility products and infrastructure for the fast charging of electric vehicles. NHOA is developing technologies that enable the global transition to clean energy and sustainable mobility.


Utilities & Transportation


MeetUp, Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap, Sync


Milan, Italy


Microsoft Teams




NHOA, an international energy and mobility company, deploys Logitech's video collaboration solutions to give its employees the freedom to work from anywhere.

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NHOA began implementing a ‘smart working’ strategy in 2020 and was already equipped to support hybrid work from a systems and human resources perspective. Because flexibility is a big part of the company’s DNA, it launched a more structured project in April 2020 called “FamilyWorking.” This project gave employees the freedom to choose where and when they worked.

Changes among majority shareholders and other significant achievements in 2021 spurred a company shift that manifested in a move to a new, larger headquarters in Milan. This new headquarters, called the Global Engineering Center, is where the company envisioned a completely integrated hybrid work model. 

To achieve its vision of a fully hybrid work environment, NHOA committed to deploying a video collaboration system for its 22 new meeting rooms.

Maintaining continuity and avoiding workflow disruptions were high priorities for NHOA as they searched for the right video collaboration system. Aside from excellent audio and video quality, the company sought a system that would integrate easily with the Microsoft platform and be compatible with most information systems. 

For NHOA’s technical team, the solution needed to be easy to use, work with different video collaboration platforms, and allow IT teams to manage the entire system remotely.

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Having already experienced Logitech's video conferencing capabilities, NHOA approached Logitech with interest in the latest, most advanced collaboration tools for its new Global Engineering Center. NHOA ultimately chose to deploy three different conference cameras at the new headquarters: the Logitech MeetUp conference camera for the company's smaller spaces; Rally Bar Mini, with its additional mic pods, for medium-sized rooms; and Rally Bar for large conference rooms. 

Logitech’s conference cameras help NHOA significantly reduce time spent on room calibration and system maintenance. Since Logitech cameras feature a 180° field of view that captures the entirety of the room and those in it, NHOA employees aren’t wasting time adjusting the device before or after meetings. 

The camera’s plug-and-play ability, paired with remote device management software, enables greater efficiency for NHOA's IT team as they manage the system environment.


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NHOA’s workforce has grown significantly over the last few months, and so has meeting room usage. Having fully functional collaborative spaces has given NHOA the ability to boost employee performance and morale. NHOA’s teams reported that Logitech solutions provide easy and comfortable video collaboration experiences in the office and from home. 

Some of the features most appreciated by NHOA are the seamless integration of Logitech’s conference cameras with Microsoft Teams, the user-friendliness, minimalist design, and configuration flexibility. These features have contributed to high levels of employee satisfaction, leading the company to consider Logitech in its upcoming office expansion project.



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