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Successful Enterprise Video Conferencing Deployment

How a Consistent User Experience Drives Operational Efficiency and Higher user Adoption

The proliferation of consumer video chat services, along with increased awareness of the benefits of video conferencing in a professional environment is driving employee demand for video conferencing in the workplace. In response, enterprise IT leaders are expanding video conferencing deployments to rooms of all sizes, from boardrooms to small huddle rooms. One of the greatest barriers to user adoption of video conferencing, however, is fear that the technology won't work. This fear can be exacerbated when users must navigate different meeting interfaces, devices and software providers across different meeting rooms. In this Ebook, Nemertes Research explains why a successful video conferencing deployment requires a solution that is easy to use, has a low operating cost, and delivers a consistent, high quality user experience.

Highlights Include


Of the companies using videoconferencing 25% plan on expanding (by an average of 32% of current budget).


“Those using the same interface in small, midsize, and large rooms are 22.7% more successful in their video conferencing deployments than those who use a mix of providers.”

Happy, neutral, and sad faces


Enterprises who used the same vendor in all video conferencing rooms were more likely to see: Improved Speed of Identified Business Process, Better Customer Engagement, and Shorter Meetings.


“IT Leaders should...plan for future deployments of AI capabilities that enhance meeting room experiences.”

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