Genpact Unlocks Hybrid Collaboration with Logitech and Zoom

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Genpact is a global professional services provider, offering digitally enabled services to support a diverse customer base. Operating out of 30 countries, with headquarters in New York, Genpact relies on efficient communication and collaboration to deliver services to its customers.


Professional services


Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, MeetUp, Tap IP, Brio 505, Brio 4K, Zone Wireless, Sync, various Logitech mice & keyboards


International, incl. multiple cities across India


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With a newly distributed workforce working across India and globally, both from home and across hub and satellite offices, Genpact needs quality collaboration solutions to ensure employees can communicate wherever they are. With Logitech Zoom-certified video conferencing solutions and advanced peripherals, Genpact enhanced its hybrid working offering, ensuring employees can collaborate with ease.

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Following the mass shift to Zoom-enabled hybrid working, Genpact recognized its previous in-office video collaboration technology no longer met the requirements for modern work, and was costly to maintain. With employees now working at home and across multiple offices, including tier 2 cities* like Jaipur, Kolkata, Madurai, Warangal and Jodhpur, it needed to reassess each and every space to ensure they provided maximum effectiveness.

“In the past, employees were going into the office daily, which is no longer the case,” says Avinash Tripathi, Technology Manager, Genpact VC. “Making sure employees could continue communicating effectively, while making sure we got the most out of a diverse range of spaces, was vital.”

The company needed reliable solutions to support effortless communication, and it worked seamlessly with leading video conferencing platforms, primarily Zoom, Genpact’s UC platform of choice.

*Emerging urban cities in India with a population between 50,000-99,999.

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For Genpact, Logitech offered the quality and versatile video conferencing solutions and peripherals it desired. With seamless integrations with Zoom, alongside user-friendly plug-and-play capabilities, Logitech solutions enabled employees to connect with one another, regardless of location, and collaborate with ease.

“Requirements for virtual meetings are higher than ever before,” Tripathi continues. “Flawless audio and camera quality, ease of use through a familiar Zoom-enabled experience, and the ability to effortlessly content share are all key elements to making communication between employees and customers as effective as possible.”

To meet the diverse requirements of its meeting spaces, Genpact opted for Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and MeetUp, which delivered the quality visuals and audio it needed. Paired with Tap IP, these products provide employees with a familiar one-touch call connection capability, vastly simplifying the meeting experience.

“We’re at a virtual moment where hybrid working is the new reality,” adds Raj Upadhyay, Vice President, Information Technology, Genpact. “When communication and collaboration is so critical to what we do, the adoption of Zoom and Logitech was a ‘lifesaving’ opportunity for us.”

Equally, Genpact was focused on ensuring remote employees felt included and received the same quality experience as those in the office. With solutions such as Brio 505, Brio 4K, and Zone Wireless, those working from home can be seen and heard with ease, and they can collaborate on an equal level to those in the room. 

Supported by Sync, Logitech’s device management software, Genpact can also be confident that its devices are performing at their best, providing automated device health monitoring and enabling firmware updates to be pushed remotely.

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Since adopting Logitech solutions, Genpact has witnessed a vastly improved end-user experience. Employees have enjoyed simple and reliable meeting room devices enabled through their seamless integrations with Zoom.

Sustainability is a key consideration for Genpact, and the flexibility of Logitech solutions means devices are future-proofed as hybrid working requirements evolve. With the support of Logitech Sync, Genpact is confident in the performance of its devices, ensuring that employees always have the best hybrid meeting experience.

As Genpact looks to expand its meeting room footprint and continue its rollout of Zoom Rooms, Logitech is the default provider, delivering quality audio and visuals that give the touch and feel of in-person meetings, and a strong, secure, future-proofed collaboration platform.

“Whenever we speak to global partners, they are always on the path to choosing Logitech. With the ease of device management and quality audio and visual, the end-user experience is much better than other providers,” Tripathi concludes.

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