4 ways I.T. can boost meeting productivity

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In any job, there are meetings. A lot of meetings, in fact. The average business professional spends 40% of their time in meetings, every year. Of those meetings, 50% of that time is unproductive*.

That’s time a company can’t afford to waste. And while you may not be able to control the number of meetings in your company, you can definitely ensure those meetings are as productive and effective as they could be.

As an I.T. leader, you can influence the quality of meetings in your organization. Teams and departments might change, but technology is the one consistent part of every meeting.  Many meeting elements can be enhanced with technology to cut distractions and maximize productivity.

By equipping every space with the right technology, you can support meeting practices that drive collaboration and productivity. 

The result—meetings where every participant is alert and engaged. When you’ve got the needs of your end-users in mind and a space that’s planned accordingly, you can help every meeting become more mindful.

What do we mean by mindful meetings?

Mindfulness is a movement that’s growing in a big way. More people are focused on being present, purposeful, and efficient while working from home or in the office

When we bring mindfulness into the meeting space, it leads to productivity perfection. The meeting stays on track, the tech works as intended, and nobody looks at their phone. With a few small changes to your meeting spaces, you can make mindful meetings happen. 

Why Is I.T. Crucial To Facilitating Mindful Meetings?

1. Mindful Technology Enhances The Space

Choosing technology that works well with your space is critical—because when the right space and the right technology come together, great things happen.

Tech can enhance any meeting space to make the meeting flow better—if it’s a room for brainstorming, consider a digital whiteboard. If it’s a huddle room, find a camera that captures everybody at the table. If it’s a large boardroom, add expansion microphones that allow every seat to be heard equally clearly.

Technology can help make the most of the entire space. Take a fresh look at each of your meeting spaces, how people actually use them, and make the right changes to unlock the potential in that space.

2. Mindful Meetings Are Distraction-free

As an I.T. leader, you know that when you’re doing your job well, it’s tough for people to notice—you’ve got everything working perfectly, so nobody needs to call you!

The same goes for good technology.

Mindful technology is tech that liberates meeting participants to focus on the meeting itself—instead of having to worry about who’s in the frame of the camera or how they can share their screen.

Technology should be intuitive and accessible. For participants that means the room tech should be easy to use and requires minimal adjustment. For I.T. that means being able to manage and update technology remotely—so less direct intervention is required.

3. Consistent User Experience Enhances Success

Keep it simple.

Research has shown that when there is a consistent user-experience across meeting spaces, meetings are 22.7% more successful*. Choosing technology that provides a consistent user interface between meeting spaces also maximizes user adoption—because users only have to learn a new system once.

And when you’re choosing technology, it always pays to choose tech that’s optimized for the software your business already uses.

4. Video Calls Are More Engaging

When it comes to mindful meetings, it’s all about human connection.

When meeting participants can make a real connection with someone on a video call (compared to a phone call), they’re more likely to concentrate on the meeting and stay attentive throughout—because they can see and be seen.

By equipping every room with video, you can break bad meeting habits that occur on phone calls—such as phone checking and laptop use—to ensure everyone is more consciously participating in the meeting.

Make Meetings More Meaningful

Through mindful design and consideration of meeting participants, you can make a few small changes that can have a big impact on how your organization handles meetings. Choosing intuitive technology that’s right for the space will streamline the meeting process and maximize productivity.


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