Boosting Employee Satisfaction with Logitech for Google Meet

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Meeting rooms are where great ideas are created, critical decisions are made and relationships are built. They remain a fundamental source of connection, even as work constantly evolves.

The right video conferencing solutions can separate a good meeting room from a great one, allowing people to collaborate seamlessly from wherever they are. Hear from a luxury French cosmetics brand’s European Director to find out how Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet are making life simpler and more productive for employees at their Paris headquarters.

Video meeting technology for the evolving workplace

“We have a global workforce of 4,500 people and are present in over 100 countries. Last year, we decided to upgrade our main Paris offices from our legacy telephone system to Google Workspace. For this, we required a video meeting infrastructure that works seamlessly with Google Meet. 

Our IT team identified multiple essential features during the evaluation phase: ease of use, center of room control, professional-quality HD video and expandable audio with noise-canceling mics.

We also wanted a system that fully supports the changing working styles of our employees and their teams, now and in the future.”

Outfitting each meeting space with the right room solution

“We opted to collaborate with Logitech for their easy-to-use, high-quality conferencing solutions for all room sizes and compatibility with many software platforms,” says their European Director.

VC solutions engineer, Logitech, Gonzalo Frasquet explains. “We deployed Logitech MeetUp for their smaller meeting spaces: this is a useful all-in-one design that can fit above or below displays. In the four larger conference rooms, we installed Logitech Rally: a modular system consisting of a PTZ camera, speakers and mic pods. 

But the main tactile element installed in each room is Logitech Tap. This is a touch controller that delivers one-touch join and always-on readiness, all controlled by a Chromebox. 

It’s very simple from a user perspective: Someone arrives in the conference room and can control everything using the Tap touchscreen. All you have to do is click 'start the meeting' or 'join the meeting'. Then the camera switches on, the screen automatically comes out of standby mode and the meeting starts.

Transforming the way our workforce operates

Video meetings have become part of the luxury French cosmetics brand’s daily work culture since upgrading to Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet – now installed across three company sites in France. Additional deployments are planned in the near future for other conference rooms in France, plus installations in their China, Singapore, and London offices. 

“I’m especially pleased to report video meeting adoption and satisfaction are high among our employees,” says their European Director. “The sound is great – there’s no echo at all even though our rooms have glass walls. Picture quality is great too. You can zoom in and out, which is pretty handy.

The ease of use and consistent user experience provided by Logitech have transformed the way our workforce operates for the better. I think it’s a great system.”

Today, video conferencing has become the preferred way to communicate with peers, partners and customers. As working styles and office software evolve, businesses are turning to IT as the enabler of collaboration and connection.



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