Recorded Webinar: How Mindfulness Drives Productive Meetings

Recorded Webinar

Rethinking the Modern Meeting

How Mindfulness Drives More Productive Meetings

Imagine if every meeting stayed on topic, had purpose, and left participants alert and engaged. Sounds great right? But how do you make this a reality? 

Logitech Video Collaboration's Nicole Baer hosts a discussion with two experts in the meetings and communications space, where they'll share actionable and practical ways to make your meetings matter. Panelists include organizational science Ph.D. and workplace meetings expert Joseph A. Allen, and Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist and executive communications specialist Karin Reed.

They discuss:

  • Taking a mindful approach to meeting management to optimize for productivity

  • Easing end-user discomfort and driving video conferencing adoption

  • Communicating effectively over video and building relationships with remote colleagues

  • Optimizing personal and group video conferencing setups for collaboration