Future Positive Challenge

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Sustainability is behind every design decision we make and it is one of our core business values. We’re looking for breakthrough, next-generation materials, components, and processes to accelerate the development of more sustainable products. Logitech is looking for partners who want to gain exposure to their ideas. Let’s collaborate and find ways to scale your innovation.

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Showcase your innovative, sustainability-focused solutions to engineering and process design challenges in consumer electronics. 

Printed Circuits

We’re looking for new solutions that use lower-impact materials and energy-efficient processes in the design and production of circuit boards, which have traditionally taken a toll on the environment.


Have an answer to safer, scalable, cost-effective electronics for high-capacity batteries and power management? We’re looking for solutions featuring alternative materials to lithium or cobalt and techniques for battery recycling.

Integrated Circuits

Do you have a way to reduce the environmental impact of Integrated Circuits (IC) throughout their lifecycle? Share how you are improving the wafer manufacturing process or improving on production yields.


Our goal is to minimize energy use and reduce environmental impact while maximizing supply chains. We want to hear from you if you have a material alternative that reduces weight, increases strength, reduces carbon footprint, and is bio-based/biodegradable or renewable.


Share your packaging solutions that aim to protect products but minimize environmental impact. We’re looking for moldable materials, renewable and recyclable materials, and alternatives to foil printing.

Business Models

Business model innovation means reimagining how processes create value for all. Share your ideas for better structuring supply chains, or programs that encourage the circular economy or collaborative economy specific to the technology device industry.


The Future Positive Challenge is for disruptive companies, startups, and pioneering engineers who want to drive change in a multi-billion dollar industry. As a sustainability-minded partner looking to make an impact on the world, you understand that the consumer electronics industry needs to balance available resources with environmental impact.

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Dates and Milestones

Dec 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024

Applications open

Submit your ideas.

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Applications open

Submit your ideas.

May 2024

Pitch sessions

Round 1: Selected candidates will share their big idea with the selection committee.

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Pitch sessions

Round 1: Selected candidates will share their big idea with the selection committee.

June 2024

Logi workshop sessions

Round 2: Twelve candidates (two from each category) will share with the committee in further detail under NDA.

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Logi workshop sessions

Round 2: Twelve candidates (two from each category) will share with the committee in further detail under NDA.

July 2024

Results announced

Selection committee announces the winners.

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Results announced

Selection committee announces the winners.


This year’s expert panel of judges includes leaders in sustainability, manufacturing, and beyond


Thank you to all of the applicants who submitted proposals to Logitech’s 2023 Future Positive Challenge. We are proud to feature 4 Award-Winning companies and 8 companies receiving Distinguished Recognition for their innovative solutions.



Elephantech manufactures and sells Flex PCB that are made utilizing inkjet printing and copper plating.



InnovationLab (iL) is an expert in printed and organic electronics with a focus on flexible printed sensors.


Ole Wolff is a manufacturer and supplier of efficient acoustic solutions and magnetic alternatives for audio devices.

Highpower is a research, design and manufacturer of Li-ion and Ni-MN batteries and energy storage systems.



LionVolt is transforming battery storage. They produce unique thin film 3D electrode batteries with solid electrolyte technology.



Lios produces SoundBounce, an advanced acoustic material that delivers superior noise reduction without the bulk of traditional acoustic materials.



Polymertal provides a turnkey development and manufacturing solution of sustainable materials for hardware components as an alternative to metals and composites.



Soteria is dedicated to solutions to the root cause of battery safety events. Their technology and global network of experts allows products to be powered by safe cells.



Copprint is an advanced materials and chemical company focused on conductive Nano Copper inks for additive copper printing.



Power the Future with Nature. BeFC is reinventing how disposable electronics are powered. They offer paper-based biofuel cells for sustainable and practical energy generation.


Kinwong is a research and design company focused on the production and sales of printed circuit boards and high-end electronic materials.

GGEC has a wide range of wireless technologies with a strong emphasis on acoustics for audio and intelligent hardware products.

Selection Process and Ceremony

Team working on a wind turbine prototype

All proposals will be reviewed by the selection jury and decisions will be made in two rounds.

Pitch sessions will be scheduled for selected proposals, followed by a workshop with Logitech to deep-dive into the proposals for final selection.

Following the workshop, select applicants will be identified for further in-depth exploration.

An award ceremony will be held in July, 2024 in celebration of the winners.


  1. By participating in the Challenge, you consent to the use of your personal data by Logitech for the purpose of the challenge and any post-challenge activities and/or publicity. You agree to take part in any publicity relating to the challenge as well as to the use of your names and photographs in any such publicity.
  2. You agree to participate and cooperate in all media and promotional activities relating to the Challenge, including but not limited to being interviewed, photographed or video recorded. You grant Logitech a no-fee, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, display and/or create derivative works of such footage and photographs in all media worldwide, including online social media without compensation and without prior inspection or approval.
  3. You agree to execute additional specific consents to such use if asked to do so.

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How much does it cost to enter?

There is no cost for applicants to submit proposals.

What types of organizations can apply?

Registered organizations of all sizes and types are welcome to apply, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), innovative companies, and institutes of higher education (universities, research institutes). At this time we do not accept applications from individuals.

How do I know if my innovation or expertise is applicable?

Your proposal will be reviewed by Logitech and external experts. Selected solutions will be contacted by Logitech for further discussions.

What information do I need to include when applying for a challenge?

Proposals should include the following information: an abstract, insight into how your solution works, its mechanism, and if possible, supportive data.

Logitech’s sustainability priorities are focused on three key areas of impact: removing more carbon than we create, innovating for a circular world, and supporting thriving communities within a vibrant society. Your proposal should describe any considerations that have been made in the design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, or marketing of your idea. Consideration may include but is not limited to, carbon footprint modeling, life-cycle assessment, renewable energy use in production, energy efficiency improvement in production or in the product solution, water usage, and recycled or other lower carbon materials.

Can I apply to more than one challenge?

Yes. You may submit different ideas to multiple challenges. You may also submit different ideas to the same challenge.

What if I need an NDA?

During the application process, submissions should only include disclosable details. Please do NOT submit confidential information. If your proposal is accepted, Logitech will provide an NDA.

What about my intellectual property?

If your idea is patentable, you/your company should be responsible for a patent application to protect you/your company's intellectual property. Logitech is not responsible for any IP claims if the idea was submitted to Logitech without filing a patent.

I’m doing research at a University and have an idea or potential solution. Can I still apply?

Yes, but please note that you must either apply in the name of the University or first register a legal entity/company before applying to the challenge. We do not accept applications from individuals.

What are the selection criteria for each of the challenge categories?

Selection criteria are proposed by Logitech and an external jury. Considerations are given to technology, sustainability performance, feasibility, and potential further development of the proposal. For a detailed breakdown of each topic’s criteria, visit the Tech Tour page.



  1. Logitech will have no obligation to keep your submission confidential or proprietary, and shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of the submission.
  2. Logitech may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for the purpose of the challenge, without any restriction or any compensation.
  3. There is no obligation for Logitech to review, keep, acknowledge, or return the submission or any related materials.
  4. Individuals are not allowed to participate. Only proposals from registered companies or institutes of higher education will be accepted in the Challenge.
  5. Proposals are submitted directly on the Tech Tour Europe SA submission page and subject to the Tech Tour Europe SA applicable terms and conditions.
  6. Logitech may in its sole discretion terminate, cancel, modify or suspend the Challenge or re-schedule the dates of the Challenge. Any such termination, modification, suspension, or re-schedule will not give rise to any claim by the participants.
  7. Logitech Privacy Policy
  8. Further information and inquiries, please email: futurepositive@logitech.com