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Magnetic clip-on keyboard cover


Magnetic clip-on keyboard cover

CAD 119.99

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  • Ultrathin
  • Ultrathin
  • Ultrathin
  • Ultrathin
  • Great typing

    A fast and accurate typing experience because of Ultrathin’s optimized keyboard layout, well-spaced keys and iOS shortcuts. Easily connect with Bluetooth®.
  • Adjusts to you

    Find the ideal angle for typing with the flexible multi-angle slot for your iPad.
  • Magnetically clips onto iPad

    Slide iPad towards the magnetic clip and it pops up right when you need it.When you’re on the go, strong magnets keep your iPad secured to Ultrathin.
  • Thin, light and perfectly matches iPad.

    At 6.4mm thin and a matching aluminum finish, Ultrathin is the other half of iPad.
Additional Features
  • Auto wake, auto sleep

    Ultrathin wakes iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it.
  • Long battery life

    Battery life is important to you. Ultrathin for iPad Air and iPad mini comes with a convenient recharging cable. With the introduction of iPad Air 2, Ultrathin has an easily replaced batter that lasts for up to two years.

    See the technical specifications for more details.