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It’s Logitech’s next-gen wireless technology — delivering a high-performance, secure wireless connection when compatible mice and keyboards are connected via Logi Bolt USB receiver. 

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Logi Bolt is a cutting-edge wireless protocol, engineered to meet rising enterprise security expectations. It combines Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology Security Mode 1, Security Level 4 - sometimes called U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS) is a cryptography standard recognized by the Canadian government and the European Union. Mode - with additional Logitech security features designed to reduce vulnerability when devices are paired to a Logi Bolt USB receiver.


Fewer interruptions, greater productivity. Logi Bolt is engineered for reliable connections, even in wireless environments congested with interference from Wi-Fi access points or surrounding wireless devices. The Logi Bolt USB receiver provides a robust, drop-off-free connection up to 10 metersWireless range may vary depending on operating environment and computer setup. —with up to 8x lower latencyTest conducted by Logitech in controlled conditions comparing, all else the same, Logi Bolt USB receiver connection latency to competing wireless protocols. The test simulated conditions from no/low noise to very high noise defined as three Wi-Fi access points set at 1000 mW each distanced at 2 meters from the test subject with additional adjacent wireless devices set at 8 mW each: two active Bluetooth devices and three active Logi Bolt product users distanced at 0.5 meters. than other commonly deployed wireless protocols for enterprises.


Logitech MX Keys for Business and MX Master 3 for Business

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Paired to a Logi Bolt USB receiver on a Windows® computer

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Paired to a Logi Bolt USB receiver on a Mac computer

Competing Wireless Mice & Keyboards

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Company C paired to USB Receiver on a Windows computer

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Company D paired via Bluetooth on a macOS computer

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When it comes to wireless, users want the flexibility to connect the way they want. With Logi Bolt, you can rest easy knowing those connections are always reliable and secure. Users can either connect via Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology or via the tiny Logi Bolt USB receiver, locking in an FIPS-secure connection even in congested wireless environments.

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Logi Bolt works with just about every operating system and platform including—but not limited to—Windows, macOS, Linux®The device's basic functions will be supported without additional drivers in Chrome OS and most popular Linux distributions., Chrome OS™The device's basic functions will be supported without additional drivers in Chrome OS and most popular Linux distributions., Android™Support is for Logi Bolt wireless keyboards only., iOSSupport is for Logi Bolt wireless keyboards only. and iPadOS. In fact, Logi Bolt devices are more universally compatible than most leading peripheral brands on the market.

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Logi Bolt products are pre-paired to their Logi Bolt USB receivers in the factory, so set-up is truly a plug-and-play experience - virtually eliminating any need for Help Desk support. Plus, people can pair up to sixRequires Logitech Options software, available for download for Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.14 or later. Logi Bolt wireless mice and keyboards to a single Logi Bolt USB receiver - saving precious USB port space and eliminating the need to move mice and keyboards between different work setups.

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It's easy to enhance Logi Bolt devices by using Logitech Options. This powerful and easy-to-use application allows people to customize their Logi Bolt wireless mouse and keyboard experiences—helping streamline repetitive tasks and maximize productivity. 

Another feature of Logitech Options is Logitech Flow, which enables people to transfer text, image and files between computers effortlessly.


How do I know what type of Logitech wireless technology I have?

If you have a USB receiver, start by identifying which type of USB receiver you have.

Logi Bolt USB Receiver


Logi Bolt USB Unifier


Logi Bolt 2.4 Receiver


Next, if unsure what type of wireless mice and keyboards you have, look for a matching logo mark on the bottom (the side that rests on the desk surface) of your Logitech wireless products.

If your Logitech wireless device did not come with a USB receiver, your wireless keyboard or mouse may have Bluetooth wireless connectivity or is Logi Bolt enabled.  Look for a Logi Bolt logo on the bottom (the side that rests on the desk surface) of your Logitech wireless products. If you see a Logi Bolt logo that means your device is compatible with a Logi Bolt USB receiver even if one did not come in the box. If you’d like a high-performance, secure connection with Logi Bolt, you can purchase a Logi Bolt USB receiver on Logitech.com or at leading retailers that carry Logitech products.

On which version of the Bluetooth core specifications is Logi Bolt connectivity based?

Our Logi Bolt wireless devices are Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or higher. We actively use all the security mechanisms introduced in Bluetooth Low Energy Core Specification 4.2.

From a backward compatibility standpoint, Logi Bolt wireless devices are able to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 hosts or higher when in direct Bluetooth connection.

What type of USB port does Logi Bolt require?

The Logi Bolt receiver requires USB 2.0 Type-A.

What Security Manager Protocols does Logi Bolt use for pairing, bonding, encryption and signing?

Corporate policy does not allow use of Bluetooth connections. Can we deploy Logi Bolt wireless products?

Yes, Logi Bolt wireless mice and keyboards are in fact ideal for environments that do not permit Bluetooth connections. Though Logi Bolt is based on Bluetooth, it is an end-to-end closed system where a Logi Bolt receiver is emitting an encrypted signal that only connects with Logi Bolt products. So the Logi Bolt USB receiver can’t be paired with any non-Logi Bolt device. And because Logi Bolt works with most enterprise operating systems and is securely paired right out of the box, it makes procurement and set up that much easier.

What is the effective range of Logi Bolt?

Logi Bolt wireless devices are Bluetooth Class 2, with up to 10 meters wireless range.

Are Logi Bolt wireless products cross-compatible with other Logitech wireless products?

Though Logi Bolt products cannot be paired with other Logitech USB receivers, and vice versa, in many cases Logi Bolt products can be used simultaneously with other Logitech wireless products on the same host computer. Just keep this in mind: when possible, the best option is to plug your Logi Bolt USB receiver into a port, then power on your Logi Bolt wireless product. This ensures you get the strong signal and security that Logi Bolt offers when paired with its Logi Bolt USB receiver.

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