Logitech MX Master Series

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Explore MX Keyboards

Advanced wireless keyboards crafted for ergonomic comfort, with Smart Backlighting, USB-C quick charging, Easy Switch for up to 3 devices, Multi-OS compatibility, Logi Options+ customization, and multi-device Flow.

MX Mechanical and Mechanical Mini Keyboard

Mx Mechanical

Feel the performance on mechanical keyboards with your choice of switches, offering a remarkable feel and typing experience.

MX Keys and MX Keys Mini keyboard

Mx Keys And Mx Keys Mini

Master what you make on low-profile keyboards with laptop-like typing – made better with Perfect Stroke keys shaped for your fingertips.

Explore MX Mice

Advanced wireless mice with hand-crafted ergonomic comfort, superior MagSpeed scrolling, Track-on-glass sensors, USB-C quick charging, Easy Switch for up to 3 devices, Multi-OS compatibility, Logi Options+ app-specific profiles, and multi-device Flow.

MX Master 3S Mouse

MX Master 3S

Achieve more with an iconic mouse – remastered with an 8K DPI track-on-glass sensor and 90% quieter with Quiet Clicks.

MX Master 3 for Mac Mouse

MX Master 3 for Mac

Get more out of your Mac and iPad with MX Master 3 for Mac – optimized for macOS, and iPad compatible.

MX Anywhere 3 Mouse

MX Anywhere 3

Create, make, and do anywhere with a compact performance mouse designed for mobile work.

Explore MX Accessories

MX Travel Case

MX Travel Case

Take your MX Anywhere 3 or MX Master 3S and other important travel accessories on the go in a protective, compact travel case.

MX Palm rest

MX Palm Rest

Enjoy comfortable palm and wrist support thanks to firm memory foam and a grippy underside that always stays put.

The Master Series

Mechanical Typing

A typing experience that provides more reassuring and deeper key travel with satisfying feedback you can feel.

Full-Size Productivity

Ultimate Performance

Experience ultimate productivity with a num-pad and fluid mechanical typing on the MX Mechanical and the customizability and ergonomic form factor of MX Master 3S.

Size and portability:
Full-size set-up

Mouse features:
8K DPI track-on-glass sensor, Magspeed scrolling, Thumb scrolling, App-specific customization

Typing experience:
Low-profile mechanical switches, Smart Backlighting

Best for:
Coders, Data Scientists, Finance & Business Professionals

Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard
Performance Wireless Mouse

Space Saving

For Any Workspace

Save space and work anywhere without sacrificing a fluid low-profile mechanical typing experience with MX Mechanical Mini and MX Anywhere 3 – a high-precision compact mouse that is easy to set up and takes little space, so you can stay flexible with where your work.

Size and portability:
Minimal size and weight

Mouse features:
4K DPI track-on-glass sensor, Magspeed scrolling, App-specific customization

Typing experience:
Your choice of mechanical switches, low-profile, Smart Backlighting

Best for:
Productivity on small or temporary setups, Hot-desking, Light travel