Master Series for Mac - Master 3S, Anywhere 3, Keys, Keys Mini

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Made For Performance

Enhance your productivity with app-specific customizations on high performance keyboards with smart backlit keys on a Mac key layout, and advanced mice with Magspeed scrolling, and pixel precise 8k DPI sensors. Connect them to up to 3 Apple devices for the ultimate creative flow.

Person typing on a MX Keyboard for Mac



MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac

Create on a compact keyboard with precise low-profile switches.

MX Keys Mini for Mac Keyboard

MX Keys Mini for Mac

Perfect Stroke keys shaped for your fingertips on a compact keyboard.

MX Keys for Mac Keyboard

MX Keys for Mac

Make and do on Perfect Stroke keys shaped for your fingertips.

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse

MX Master 3S for Mac

Master any creative project with the most advanced Master Series mouse.

MX Anywhere 3 for Mac Mouse

MX Anywhere 3 for Mac

Work anywhere with ultimate portability and performance.

Woman using Logitech products in front of a Mac computer

Designed for creatives

MX is built for every step of your creative process – from app-specific customizations that speed up your workflow, to integrated software that makes cross-computer work seamlessRequires Logi Options+ software, available for Windows and macOS, so that your productivity can keep up with your creative ideas.

Hand of woman typing on MX Mechanical Mini for Mac mouse

Comfort And Style

Enjoy better ergonomics with low-profile mechanical switches on minimalist keyboards and hand-shaped mice, for a more natural wrist posture. MX mice have textured surfaces that provide a confident grip and optimally placed thumb buttons for total control. 
All wrapped in Mac-inspired finishes – a perfect fit for your Apple setup.

Man working with Mx Master 3s for Mac and MX Mechanical Mini for Mac mouse

Precision Down To The Pixel

Scroll up to 1000 lines per second with Magspeed scroll wheel – Logitech’s most precise scrolling experience. 

8000 DPI sensors are accurate and responsive on virtually any surface – even glass4 mm minimum glass thickness. High DPI tracking means you can be more precise with subtle movements – perfectly suited for work on high-resolution monitors.

Woman using iPad with MX Anywhere 3

Creativity Anywhere, Anytime

MX Anywhere 3 for Mac is designed for mobile work – from the home office, to the cafe, to the airport lounge. 

The compact performance mouse features a low-profile design contoured for the shape of your hand – with a durable build that’s made to withstand the bumps and drops of mobile work.

IF Design Award 2022
IF Design Award 2020
CES 2020

Mechanical Typing

A minimalist mechanical keyboard with a tactile typing experience that provides more reassuring and deeper key travel with satisfying feedback you can feel.

Mouse Centric

More mouse. More creative potential.

MX Master 3S for Mac provides you with a high-performance, high-precision experience customizable to any creative task – while MX Mechanical Mini for Mac provides a minimalist touch to your set-up with a fluid low-profile mechanical typing experience.

Size and portability:
Balanced, full-size mouse, minimalist keyboard

Mouse features:
Quiet Click, USB-C to C charging, 8K DPI track-on-glass sensor, Magspeed scrolling, Thumb scrolling,  App-specific customization

Typing experience:
Mac key layout, Low-profile mechanical switches, Smart Backlighting

Best for:
Game Developer, Graphics Animator, Graphics Designer, Web Designer, UX/ UI Designer