Unveiling Select Service Plan: The Teams Behind the Experience

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Select is Logitech’s premium service plan for meeting rooms that helps our business customers keep video conferencing solutions fully functional and rooms ready to use. With easy access to support, replacements, and much more, Select is an all-in-one service plan beneficial for all types of businesses. 

But what makes Select such a great service? It’s the people working behind the scenes. Behind Select, a dedicated team of efficient and friendly professionals ensures you get the best possible experience. The people behind Select make up your Select experience, and in this article, a light will be shone on each function.

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Customer Implementation Partner (CIP): Proactive Onboarding for Customer Success

Customer Implementation Partners (CIP) are product specialists overseeing your Select onboarding, and they play a pivotal role in conveying the benefits of this service. Their responsibilities encompass helping with your account creation and ensuring your rooms are accurately assigned with licenses and devices identified. They guide you using the Select and Sync portals with all their features. They also make sure the right product spare kits are delivered to your preferred location.

CIPs maintain ongoing communication post-onboarding to ensure you are ready for any support needs, and they continue to be your business partners to ensure the Select experience is always stellar.

“As a Customer Implementation Partner, I support Logitech’s service customers in their ‘What do we do now?’ moment following their purchase of Select.” – Annette Hanley, Customer Implementation Partner

Technical Service Partner (TSP): Highly Skilled Support Engineers for Rapid Resolution

Technical Support Partners, or TSPs, operate at Tier II or Tier III support levels and play a crucial role in addressing your concerns promptly. They are experts in video conferencing and have deep knowledge of Logitech’s complete set of solutions. You can also trust them to help solve issues within partner ecosystems like Zoom, Microsoft, and Google.

As we also know how valuable speaking to someone in your language can be, we have TSPs spread across the globe, covering 15+ languages to make it convenient for you to get the help you need.

“My role is to provide timely and accurate answers to customer questions and solutions to any issues they may encounter. This benefits customers by easing the daily burden of IT and AV teams.” – Joe Peary, Senior Designated Service Manager

Designated Service Manager (DSM): A Familiar, Single Point of Contact

If you have over 50 Select licenses, you will have a Dedicated Service Manager (DSM) stepping in as your primary technical lead. DSMs can be viewed as an extension of your TSP, explicitly assigned to your account to ensure you get a familiar experience whenever you need our help or assistance.

Your DSM will act both as a technical expert and a trusted advisor, making sure your Select solutions are working efficiently and, in addition, guiding you in best practices related to purchased products or services.

“The DSM model resulted from listening to our customers’ need for true partnership and consistency. We offer customer-centric partnerships; our mandate is always to do what’s best for our customers.” – Carol Andrade, CX Lead Select, EMEA

The collaboration between our Customer Implementation Partners, Technical Service Partners, and Designated Service Managers forms the backbone of Select Services. Together, these roles create a well-coordinated support system, ensuring a positive and efficient experience for every Select customer. 

Read more about Select here.


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