Case Study: American Football Verband Bayern Incorporates Contactless Activities with Logitech and Zoom

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American Football and Flag Football operate under the banner of the AFVBy, with game operation coordinated in Bavaria. Football in Bavaria is operated by around 10,000 active members in more than 60 clubs. This makes the AFVBy the second-largest regional association in the German American Football association (AFVD).


Sporting Association


Zone Wireless, Brio


Bayern, Deutschland






April 2021

April 2021 alone, a total of 532 virtual meetings with almost 1,300 participants.

Virtual Meetings

Meeting Participants


Hybrid work is not a recent development. For some time, companies, clubs, and education facilities around the world have been trying out new formats and increasingly shifting the focus towards virtual meetings. The American National Football League (NFL)  has been a pioneer in this regard, with tablets instead of printed playbooks and the use of virtual reality headsets.  

The German associations are no less advanced. For more than 14 months, the Bavarian American Football Association (AFVBy) has been opting for a combination of innovative video collaboration solutions from Logitech and tried-and-tested video communication platform Zoom to carry out all its association duties virtually. This allows digital collaboration options for regular meetings, club meetings and training units for the national team or referee training.

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In 2020, the AFVBy was forced to cancel all in-person meetings and events on short notice. One hundred in-person events were cancelled. Those in charge of the association wanted to know what the digital communication plan was so they could keep in touch with employees and the region's clubs. The flow of information and further training of coaches and club officials needed to continue as seamlessly as possible.

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After evaluating various hardware and software providers, IT manager Jürgen Siebmanns, vice chairman Florian Langer and CFO Heike Haslbeck opted for a solution made up of the 4K UHD webcam Logitech Brio, Logitech Zone Wireless and Zoom. Zoom rose above the competition because it was the only video conferencing software with continuous 25fps (frames per second) transmission. This is the only way to have reliable and detailed video analysis of moves, which in American Football can often only be seconds long. Zoom’s stable bandwidth benefits clubs with poor internet connection. Logitech’s superior audio and video capabilities,  Brio’s excellent image quality in both high and moderate light conditions and the accompanying Logi Tune software tipped the scales in Logitech’s favor.

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The AFVBy and affiliated association of referees (AFSVBy) have been holding all meetings and training sessions virtually via Logitech and Zoom since March 2020. In April 2021 alone, a total of 532 meetings were held virtually. This is equivalent to a total of 98,169 minutes, with almost 1,300 participants. Without the tried-and-tested combination of Zoom and Logitech technology, it would have been impossible to keep the Bavarian Football Association’s operations going.



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