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Logitech Collaboration Program for Alliance Partners

Alliances Matter

Logitech works closely with software and hardware partners to create compatible video conferencing solutions. We focus on designing interoperable solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy, with the goal of delivering an exceptional user experience. Our partnerships are critical to the value we provide.

Better Together

When we work as a team, we’re better together. As a valued partner, you will receive all the support and tools you need to grow with us.

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Drive Integration

Discover new opportunities with product integration. Get access to support, testing, and certification through the self-service partner portal.

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Create effective marketing campaigns using Logitech-approved messaging, images, and templates. Leverage our market reach to build your business.

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Take advantage of training opportunities, sales enablement tools, co-branded collateral, joint demos, and more – designed to help you generate leads and close deals.

Logitech Collaboration Program

We work diligently with these partners and others to create deeper integrations and product certifications that help improve collaboration experiences for our customers.


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