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Logitech is innovating to give plastics a second life. Today, many recycled plastic resins are limited to black or grey colors and do not perform in the same way as virgin plastic, which introduces product design challenges. Since 2017, we have been working with plastic suppliers to design new and stronger resins in a range of new colors. We now have over 30 exciting new colors in our palette. These new resins are used in Logitech products to give consumers more color options without compromising on product quality, while also being available to other companies, to help reduce our industry’s carbon impact.


Using recycled plastic is a key part of our Design for Sustainability efforts. We are increasingly using recycled plastics across top-selling product lines for mice, keyboards, webcams and speakers. More than 65% of the mice and keyboards in our largest product portfolio are now made with recycled plastic. We’ve eliminated an estimated 8,000 tons of virgin plastic, equating to an estimated 19,000 tons of CO2 saved across the product lifecycle for those products.

recycling of ewaste


E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. We envision a future where all products can be recycled to make new products. We encourage and finance consumer recycling of electronics around the world and we work with recyclers who transform end-of-life electronics into recycled plastic. Through our efforts, we are working to make our sector more circular and ensure consumer electronics are given a second life.

Ergo M575 packaging with recycling certification

Our Certifications

Our design goal is to maximize the percentage of recycled plastic in our products. When calculating the percentage we have achieved, we follow a defined protocol and use a third-party validated approach. We are working to obtain product certifications for all of our products with recycled plastics and we commit to disclosing our certifications here, to empower consumers and stakeholders with information.

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“We are on a journey to design products for the future. By applying our design for sustainability principles across the product development process, we can make a significant and long-term impact and reduce carbon.”

Prakash Arunkundrum
Global Head of Operations and Sustainability at Logitech


Why does the percentage of recycled content vary across products?

The percentage of recycled plastic in each product will vary depending on the type, color and material make-up of a product. The percent of a product’s plastic parts made of PCR currently ranges from 80% PCR content to no less than 20% for the technically complex lighter color products. Our design goal is to continue to maximize the percentage of recycled content in each product.

Does the use of recycled plastic affect product performance?

When you buy a recycled plastic product, you can rely on the same great product experience you have come to expect from Logitech products, with the additional benefit of knowing your purchasing decision has led to a reduced impact on the environment. Our recycled plastic resins and products go through the same robust performance and quality testing processes as our other products and meet all our required standards.

When will all Logitech products incorporate recycled plastics?

Our goal is to use recycled plastics as much as possible. We prioritize our top-selling products, in pursuit of the largest carbon footprint reduction opportunities, while driving continuous innovation with new resins and colors, to push the limits of what is currently possible for recycled plastic.

How can I recycle my end-of-life Logitech product?

In many countries, we directly or indirectly finance government recycling programs and lend our weight to existing programs on the ground, which arrange the collection of consumer electronics for safe recycling. Visit our recycling page to learn more.