Could Less Be More For You? Try A Minimalist Keyboard

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In ergonomics, one size does not fit all. Did you know that a smaller keyboard can have big ergonomic benefits? That’s especially true if you have a smaller frame and don’t need a numpad to do your best work.

In essence, it’s because the reduced width of the keyboard lets you place your mouse closer to the center of your body as you work, and studies have shown that doing this provides a world of ergonomic benefits, including:

Computer with a minimalist keyboard and mouse


Adding a matching palm rest can increase your comfort and improve your posture. That’s because contact with a hard surface, like a table, over longer periods, can compress the sensitive tissues and tendons in your wrists. A palm rest is kind of like a soft mattress, but for your hand! Remember, placement is key — so make sure it goes directly under the palm of your hand or under your forearm, but not under your wrist where it creates contact pressure.

Want to scale down your keyboard to up your ergo game? Check out our minimalist keyboards.

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