MX Keys S Wireless Keyboard - Full Size or Mini

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Master Your Flow

Experience a new level of flow state with MX Keys S and MX Keys Mini.
High-performance keyboards, engineered for comfortable, fast, fluid typing, with smart illumination, and programmable keys.

Choose between the full-size MX Keys S that features an integrated numpad or the space-saving minimalist MX Keys Mini.

Emoji, Dictation, And Mic Mute / Unmute Keys in the MX Keys S keyboard

Introducing Emoji, DictationThe Dictation feature is provided by Windows and macOS and is currently available only in select languages and geographies. Learn more at, And Mic Mute / Unmute Keys

Smarter Fn KeysRequires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS now give you the power to send emojis, mute and unmute your mic, and activate talk to text.

Tap Mic Mute / Unmute to mute and unmute your mic for flawless video calls

The Emoji key  opens up your emoji window for a perfectly timed reaction 🥰  🤣  or 🔥

Person working on MX Keys S Keyboard

More Comfort. Deeper Focus

When you’re in the flow state, the last thing you need is discomfort getting between you and the work.
MX Keys S and MX Keys Mini are crafted with a low-profile design and an optimum keyboard angle that encourages better wrist posture and reduces strain on the joints.
The minimalist form factor of MX Keys Mini aligns your shoulders and allows you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard for less hand reaching – for better posture and improved ergonomics.

Do More With Logi Options+

Logi Options+ allows you to customize the entire F-row to any function you need.
Easily switch the F-row priority between regular F-key functions, special functions like Smart Actions, or personal app-specific customizationsRequires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS.


MX Keys S Keyboard Default buttons customization

1 – Brightness Up / Brightness Down

2 – Backlighting Up / Backlighting Down

3 – Dictation

4 – Emoji Menu

5 - Mute / Unmute Mic

6 - Media Controls

7 - Volume Controls

8 - Easy Switch (1-3)

9 - Calculator

10 - Screen Snip


MX Keys S Keyboard Photoshop Customization

1 – Copy

2 – Paste

3 – Zoom In / Zoom Out

Video editing

MX Keys S Keyboard video editing button Customization

1 - Copy

2 - Paste

3 - Zoom In / Zoom Out


MX Keys S Keyboard Browser buttons customization

1 - New Browser Tab 

2 - Close Browser Tab

Video calls

MX Keys S Keyboard Video calls app buttons customization

1 -  Mute / Unmute Mic

2 - Media Controls

3 - Volume Controls

Word & Powerpoint

MX Keys S Keyboard Browser buttons customization

1 - Dictation

2 - Next / Previous


MX Keys S Keyboard Excel app buttons customization

1 - Dictation

2 - Next / Previous

Automate Repetitive Tasks With Smart Actions

The world can’t wait for your ideas, so we’ve made sure you won’t waste any time unleashing them.
Smart Actions on the Logi Options+ App gives you the power to skip repetitive actions by automating multiple tasks with a single keystroke so you can streamline your workflowRequires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS. It’s like macros with a little magic. We’ve even included ready-made customizable Smart Actions that automate common tasks so you do even less. You’re welcome.

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Seamless Connectivity

MX Keys Mini and MX Keys S have been tested to meet strict Intel® requirements to ensure great user experiences, seamless connectivity and reliability. Our devices meet technical specifications for an optimal Bluetooth connection.

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Verified wireless stability

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Faster reconnect and recovery times

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Ready for work when you are

MX Keys S Keyboard

MX Key S

  • Dual connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB receiver
  • Enterprise-level secure
  • Ideal for congested environments
  • Plug and play
MX Keys Mini Keyboard

MX Keys Mini

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Logi Bolt Compatible, not included)
  • No dongles, no wires, no hassle
  • Easy pairing

A Design Choice You’ll Feel Good About

Our goal? To design for sustainability. That means as we innovate our new generation of products, we reduce their carbon footprint in any way we can — from their overall construction to the tiniest component. All with zero compromises on quality and performance.

A Set Up Engineered For Speed, Efficiency, And Precision

Pair MX Keys S with MX Master 3S

Enjoy a set-up for full-sized functionality and performance with the fluid laptop-like typing of MX Keys S and the fast, precise scrolling of MX Master 3S.

Pair MX Keys Mini with MX Anywhere 3S

Pair the minimalist keyboard with the compact performance mouse to create, make and do for hours at a time with less arm reaching and better posture.

MX x Women Who Master logo


Logitech MX is committed to spotlighting and supporting impactful initiatives and individuals that are disrupting the industry worldwide, to inspire girls and women to pursue a career or continue thriving in STEM.
With #WomenWhoMaster, our mission is to ignite an industry-wide movement that addresses the gender gap and unequal access to opportunities in tech and IT, once and for all.