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It’s Nice To Have Options

Speed-Up Your Workflow

Effortlessly take control of your workflow with the Logi Options+ appAvailable on Windows and macOS at, on Windows and macOS, designed to transform how you work. With Logi Options+ you can work across devices and operating systems using Flow, adjust and customize your video, set tracking speed, customize individual buttons, and use ready-made app-specific customizations and Smart Actions to optimize nearly every aspect of your workflow.

App Specific Customizations

MX tools are fully customizable in virtually every app you use. Work faster with ready-made customizations optimized or create your own customizations for your favorite apps such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Google Chrome, Safari, Zoom®, Microsoft Teams®, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Edge.


a – Gesture Up
Mission Control

b – Gesture Right
Switch application

c – Gesture Down
App Expose

d – Gesture Left
Switch application

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Default buttons customization

1 – MagSpeed Wheel
Middle Button

2 – Mode Shift Button
Shift wheel mode

3 – Thumbwheel
Horizontal scroll

4 – Side button forward
Move forward

5 – Side button back
Move back

6 – Gesture button click


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Photoshop Customization

1 –  Pan

2 – Adjust Brush size

3 – Redo

4 – Undo

Video editing

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse video editing button Customization

1 – Pan

2 – Timeline horizontal scroll

3 – Redo

4 – Undo


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Browser buttons customization

1 – Open link in a new tab

2 – Navigate between tabs

3 – Forward

4 – Back

Video calls

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Video calls app buttons customization

1 – Start/Stop video

2 – Mute/Unmute mic

Word & Powerpoint

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Browser buttons customization

1 – Pan (hold and move mouse)

2 – Zoom

3 – Redo

4 – Undo


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Excel app buttons customization

1 – Pan

2 – Horizontal scroll

3 – Redo

4 – Undo

Automate Repetitive Tasks

The world can’t wait for your ideas, so we’ve made sure you won’t waste any time unleashing them. Smart Actions on the Logi Options+ App gives you the power to skip repetitive actions by automating multiple tasks with a single keystroke so you can streamline your workflowRequires Logi Options+ app available on Windows and macOS at It’s like macros with a little magic. We’ve even included ready-made customizable Smart Actions that automate common tasks so you do even less. You’re welcome.

Choose how they see you with Fine Controls

Fine-tune your video to exactly the way you like it with a suite of customizable settings. Adjust lighting, color balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, tint, vibrance, and more. This allows you to make sure your image looks just right depending on your lighting setup and conditions.

Or just let auto mode take care of it.

MX Brio Control screen

How You Can Use Logi Options+

MX Anywhere 3S

MX Master 3S

MX Keys S / MX Keys Mini

MX Mechanical

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