Design for Sustainability: Logitech's Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact

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Design for Sustainability

Design it with less. Design it smarter.
Design it for progress.

Take it apart, find the impacts, and design it better.

The products you love - designed better

Design for Sustainability looks back as well as forward. We continually revisit the products in our portfolio by disassembling and re-evaluating them. We look for hidden impacts and find ways to improve their sustainability performance with better materials, production processes, and packaging.

Logitech G A10 Gaming Headset


Carbon Impact Reductioncompared to the previous generation

57 tons

of CO2 avoided per 100,000 units.

That’s about 140,000 miles in a gas-powered carsource: []

A process for continuous improvements

Design for Sustainability is a complex process. In short, Logitech uses its assessment tools to collect data on carbon, circularity, materials, and packaging, ultimately leading to meaningful changes.

Reduce waste and extend life

Reduce waste and extend life

Circular Design is about maintaining materials in a closed loop for as long as possible before the end of life. Our Circularity Assessment Tool helps us make better decisions for the longevity, reuse, and recyclability of products. Our use of Next Life Plastics is just one of the ways we are embracing circularity to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

2 in 3

Logitech products are made with Next Life, recycled plastic

Brio 500 Webcam

52% certified post-consumer recycled plastic parts

Next life plastics

Assess and improve carbon impacts

Assess and improve carbon impacts

Designers use our Product Impact Calculator Tool to project the carbon footprints of concepts early in the design process. They rapidly assess multiple design options and choose a variation with a lower carbon footprint. The same approach can be used to analyze entire portfolios and drive carbon reductions at scale.

MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard


carbon footprint reduction through DfS design decisionsCompared to the do-nothing design scenario

600 tons

CO2e avoided carbon per 100,000 unitsCompared to the do-nothing design scenario

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption

All-in-one systems draw less power than traditional room systems.Video conferencing room solutions require fewer devices and can draw less power compared to room systems requiring an external compute or additional speakers and microphones Logitech’s CollabOS software is designed to automatically detect when a conference room is empty and power down equipment.

Display of sustainable products

Reduce and improve packaging

Reduce and improve packaging

We evaluate packaging design options for optimal performance. That includes using fewer materials by weight, eliminating single-use plastics when possible, and reducing carbon impact while balancing requirements for protection, cost, and experience.

G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

  • FSC-certified paper packaging
  • 36% recycled content
  • Wood fiber tissue wrap
  • Molded pulp tray
  • 99% paper packaging, by weight, to support curbside recyclingwhere recycling facilities exist

In everything we imagine.
In everything we do.

Our work is informed by 15 Design for Sustainability Principles. These principles guide our product teams towards lower-impact, more circular design solutions.

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Design products that last

Heart smartphone icon

Create emotional durability

Hand tools icon

Grant right to repair

Circular icon

Close the loop

Monitor configuration icon

Go beyond hardware

Chemistry icon

Chemical control

Recycle icon

Enable recyclability

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Choose lower impact components

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Optimize architecture

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Choose better materials

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Use clean and efficient manufacturing

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Use efficient distribution

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Design low-impact packaging

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Enable efficient use

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Make a positive contribution

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Collaborate, find what works, and go fast

Industry collaboration for sustainability boosts innovation and accelerates results. The best way to gain exposure to new ideas is to partner with disruptive entrepreneurs and startups who have identified unique engineering solutions.

Finding and accelerating breakthrough technologies moves the entire consumer electronics sector forward.

Dig deeper into sustainability at Logitech

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Reducing waste through Next Life Plastics

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Transparency & informed choices with Carbon Clarity