Free 3-Month Premium Subscription

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When Comfort Meets Calm

Take a breath. It’s time to put your wellbeing first. Discover the tools you need to build the foundations for a happier, healthier worklife. We are pairing every purchase of our comfort-creating Ergo Series with a complimentary 3-month subscription to Calm, the world’s number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation.

Get Cmfortable, Get Calm

Bring wellbeing into your workspace and see how a little bit of calm can work for you

Come back to yourself

Putting your wellbeing first means setting yourself up for success in body, mind and throughout your worklife.  Open the full meditation on the Calm app.

Emergency Calm

When you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed and need immediate relief. Open the full meditation on the Calm app.

Deep Concentration

When you take a step back to still the mind, you open it up to a world of possibility. Open the full meditation on the Calm app.

Morning Wake Up

Start the day right in body and mind so you can feel better and do better all day. Open the full body routine meditation on the Calm app.

Eligible Ergo Series Products

Our Ergo Series mice are alternatives to traditional mice, stylus, and trackpads –  proven to improve posture and relieve discomfort without compromising a pixel of performance. Our Ergo Series keyboards are alternatives to traditional keyboards that offer more natural typing postures, superior ergonomic benefits, and reduced muscle strain in instantly familiar form factors.


Ergonomics is the data-driven study of people and their working environments – in order to improve posture, effectiveness, and comfort. It’s about designing for people, and creating tools that are more people-friendly – and it’s at the heart of every Ergo Series product we create.

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Ergo products place your hands, wrists, and forearms in a more natural posture – which in turn can help relax your upper body.

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A more natural posture leads to a quantifiable reduction in muscle activity – meaning you can work just as productively while putting less strain on key muscles.

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Reducing pressure, strain, twisting, and bending while adding support leads to a greater level of comfort – immediately and over long periods.

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Physical discomfort can lead to emotional stress. Ergonomic products increase comfort so you can be free to focus on what matters.

How to Redeem?

Once you complete your purchase, head to to register.  Once complete, a unique code and link will be sent via email. Follow instructions to claim your 3 Months of Calm Premium.


How do I redeem the 3 Months of Calm Premium offer from Logitech?

Once you have purchased a participating Logitech product, you will need to visit From there, you need to follow directions on how to register for the offer. Simply complete the form and upload your proof of purchase. Once validated, a unique code and link will be sent via email. Follow instructions to claim your 3 Months of Calm Premium.

Can the gifted 3 Month Calm Membership be applied to an existing Calm membership plan?

To be eligible for this offer you must not have an auto-renewing Calm Premium subscription. If you do have an existing Calm Premium subscription, you will be able to activate the complimentary 3-month subscription once you've deactivated your current subscription. Keep your unique code and enter it on the landing page once your subscription has finished.

Which logitech products are eligible to redeem to 3 Month Calm Premium offer?

The offer is eligible with the purchase of Logitech's MX Vertical, MX Ergo, K860 and M575. Also applicable to bundles that include one of the participating products.

How many codes will I receive?

Offer is limited to 1 code for each eligible Logitech Ergo transaction, even if multiple Ergo products are purchased in a single transaction, only one code per person.

What languages are available on the Calm App?

At this time, Calm is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Why is there an offer for Calm?

Calm’s mission is to make the world happier and healthier. Calm is a meditation, sleep and relaxation app, available in both the App Store and Google Play store. Tied together with Logitech's ergo mission of 'Feel Better. Do Better', it's the perfect complimentary gift to help you prioritise your wellbeing to then increase productivity and performance For more information, visit

What operating system is needed to download the Calm app?

The Calm app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store, and is compatible with most iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet that does not support one of these app stores, you can still access our full library of content through your mobile browser at You can also access our full website from a computer at (Please note, Calm is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer).

A limited Calm experience can also be accessed via Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Home, Sonos, Apple Watch, and Android Wear.

Apple devices with iOS 13 or below and Android devices with Android 5 and below may experience issues running Calm due to the limited amount of internal memory available. Please reach out to our support team here for more information on this.

What if I am having issues registering my code?

Please visit support page to find additional FAQ's and contact information should you require further assitance.

Do I need to enter credit card information in order to claim my 3-months of Calm premium?

No credit card information is required for subscription redemption.

I have my redemption code, but now where do I go?

Visit and sign up for a new Calm account or sign in to your existing Calm account and subscribe to Calm Premium.***No CC information required for subscription redemption. Enter your unique code and enjoy your Calm membership