What is Neutral Posture?

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What's A Neutral Posture?

by Olivier Girard, Ergonomist and Posture therapist

A neutral posture is a central concept in ergonomics – and a core component of product development at Logitech. Ergo series products are designed to promote neutral postures – but what does it mean, and why do we aim for it?

Let’s start with a small experiment. Sit on a normal chair, and then on a very low chair or on the ground. Do you feel a difference in your hip joint? On the low chair, it feels tight, compressed, and even painful after a short while – this is called a closed posture. There is great pressure from one bone against the other. Hence, the cartilage wears off quicker, and all the tissues (muscle tissues included) are more tense.

On the contrary, ergonomists and physiotherapists also recognize open postures – also called neutral postures. These occur when joints are far less compressed, and feel much more comfortable. In a neutral posture, all related tissues are more relaxed than in closed postures. Spending time performing repetitive activities (i.e. using your mouse) or exerting efforts (i.e. typing) in closed postures can eventually lead to increased fatigue, more tense muscles, and quicker joint erosion.

This is why ergonomists develop all kinds of methods and approaches to promote neutral postures, for all different body shapes and sizes.

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