People Matter Most

Our success is fueled by creative, resourceful and innovative people within Logitech and in our supply chain.



Logitech fosters a culture of learning where employees feel empowered to nurture their minds, challenge ideas, and make things better. Feeling inspired by our company purpose and making contributions that matter are key tenets of our employee engagement goals.


We conduct business in a fair, honest and transparent manner. Employing exceptional ethical standards and practices is how we work and helps us ensure the long-term interests of our stakeholders are met. Our commitment to transparency and ethical good practice drives us to identify, mitigate and manage operational risks and both long and short term opportunities.

Employee Development

Our development program helps employees build skills and gain insights relevant to their lives. Resources include workshops, speakers, and coaching and is offered onsite or online.

Our supervisors look for opportunities to grow and retain talent. Our dedicated training center at our manufacturing site offers workshop and presentation areas, and mock production lines for workers to try out new skills. New employees receive a comprehensive orientation and skills training to build specific competencies such as hand welding, assembly, testing, packaging, and quality checks. We follow up with online practice and on-the-job and refresher training.


At Logitech, we are beautifully diverse. Our unique perspectives help us innovate, understand markets, and pull together across the globe to build a competitive advantage. We foster an inclusive culture where employees can bring their whole selves to work. We want our employees to always feel valued and be supported.

Health and Safety

Our continued success is fueled by creative, resourceful and innovative people within Logitech, and in our supply chain. We look to safeguard the safety, health and well-being of every member of our team. We want to ensure everyone feels cared for, and employees can respond safely and creatively to the fast-paced challenges of a competitive marketplace.

We work in accordance with RBA Code of Conduct and OHSAS 18001 international good practice to create a safe work environment for all. And we work with our supply chain to help our suppliers adopt the same or similar standards across the globe.


We are committed to doing the right thing and we engage in candid and respectful dialogue about what works and what doesn't. We actively collaborate with industry coalition partners in the RBA to share good practice, evolve the Code of Conduct, and share tools and training. We require that all suppliers have an employee age verification and management program in place and we conduct on-site audits for this as well as for the presence of forced labor.


Conflict minerals are minerals that are mined in areas of armed conflict and human rights abuse, which are sold, traded or financing armed groups. As an active member of RBA, we utilize RBA tools and processes to ensure responsible sourcing and avoid conflict minerals.

We work with our suppliers and other RBA members to exert the full influence of the electronics industry on smelters worldwide, and encourage smelter participation in credible certification programs.


Our factory sources components from a number of component suppliers, joint design manufacturers, and contract manufacturers. Our continued success is aligned with the continued success of our suppliers. We look to establish long-term relationships with a core group of suppliers, based on shared values of ethics, good practice and RBA compliance. We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure all Logitech products are produced in accordance with international good practice standards of quality and sustainability. We have an established prequalification process for new suppliers: 100% of potential new suppliers are audited to verify their compliance with our sustainability requirements.

“Over the last year, the thinking, attitudes and behaviors of our employees has been shaped by increasing global awareness of the need for business sustainability, and our desire to have a positive social impact and Logitech legacy. I have experienced first hand how the passion and personal commitment of our employees is shaping our approach to sustainability challenges”

Kirsty Russell
Head of People and Culture


We believe volunteering is much bigger than just something nice to do.
We want to make an impact for causes of every size.

Giving Back Events


Our Logitech Cares Program reflects our passion and belief that Logitech should be more than just a great place to work. We want to connect personal values with organizational values by building a community of people who care. The rapid growth of the Logitech Cares program since its early beginnings in 2014, is an indicator of the support it receives inside Logitech.