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The future of
K-12 education is here

Logitech knows that technology can enhance teaching and learning. Our classroom products create immersive experiences that help teachers bring lessons to life.

Take teaching to the next level

Whether you’re a teacher or administrator, we have a classroom solution to optimize your efforts and maximize student results. Easy to use and deploy, Logitech education products are built specifically for K-12 classrooms and take advantage of over 35 years experience designing innovative, high-quality technology. Our goal is to help foster the continuous development of students knowledge and skills, through formal education in the classroom and beyond.


Our headsets empower students at every grade level to dive deeper into the colors, words, animation, and audio of interactive learning programs. By blocking out noise and distractions, students are able to keep their focus better and retain more of what they learn.

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Our webcams give faculty and students the ability to have face to face video interaction when they can’t be there in person. Our easy to use plug and play webcam solutions are perfect for virtual classrooms and online learning.

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Our ConferenceCams offer a smart solution for teachers, faculty and students to interact with each other, take virtual field trips or bring experts into the classroom using video conferencing. Take your classroom anywhere with Logitech ConferenceCams. Read how others are leveraging the powers of video conferencing in their classrooms here.

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Presentation Tools

Engage students while managing presentations, with a variety of tools that give teachers intuitive control and freedom of movement. Our presentation remotes include a convenient pointer to highlight information and direct students to a particular point of interest on the screen.

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