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Despite the rapid acceleration of video conferencing, millions of people still make do with built-in webcams and microphones that produce poor-quality video and audio. It’s no wonder that one in three employeesLogitech Next Normal eBook worldwide demand better video conferencing equipment – and it’s also no wonder that experienced ITDMs prefer Logitech Personal Collaboration solutions for their team.

Logitech’s personal collaboration portfolio raises the standard of business-grade video conferencing with HD clarity, high dynamic range, and crisp audio to ensure your staff look and sound their best wherever they’re working from. Here are five tips to help improve your team's video collaboration experience.

1. Make sure everyone is well-lit

It’s hard to look one’s best on a video call without proper lighting, and since not all employees will have a sun-soaked home office, organizations should provide the necessary tools to ensure a well-lit video call. When everyone can be seen clearly, teams can focus on ideas and collaboration rather than technical issues.

To avoid being backlit, encourage employees to sit facing a window during video calls. However, not everyone has a well-lit space in their home - which it’s why it’s important to have the right equipment to fix lighting-related issues.

Logitech’s built-in RightLight technology adjusts to the conditions of any room, ensuring that teams are always shown in their best light. Teams will be able to see each other’s faces clearly, rather than blurry silhouettes. And with high dynamic range technology, Logitech webcams automatically adjust to highlight the most important subject: your team members.

See how it works.

2. Streamline the video conferencing experience with third-party integration

Work can be more efficient and more secure when your team's devices and software integrate with each other.

For instance, Brio is certified or compatible with leading video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams®, Zoom, RingCentral Video, BlueJeans, Google Meet™, and more. That means employees can jump right into virtual meetings without delays or confusion.

And Brio’s Windows Hello integration makes logging in quicker and safer for your staff. Secure facial recognition ensures they’ll never have to type a Windows 10 password again, minimizing support tickets due to forgotten credentials.

Discover even more third-party compatibility options.

3. Provide crisp, clear audio in any situation

Most audio accessories were made simply to output audio. And, sure, they get the job done, but work requires more robust features. For instance, Logitech Zone Wired and Wireless headsets were designed specifically to enhance focus by blocking out unnecessary distractions with active noise canceling, all while delivering a quality audio experience.

Busy cafes, cramped kitchens, and crowded commuter trains are no match for the Zone headsets’s crisp sound, active noise cancellation, and flip-to-mute mic. Users can also swap between devices seamlessly, making it possible to transition from phone conversations to video meetings, or from music to general noise reduction at the touch of a button.

4. Keep video conferencing equipment at peak performance

Employees may need help adjusting settings or running updates on their video conferencing devices, but with Logi Tune, they won’t have to submit IT tickets for help. This management software allows your employees to take charge of the video meeting experience by adjusting webcam zoom, field of view, focus mode, and filters, as well as headset audio performance. Tune can also alert them to update their devices with the latest firmware. With full control over all equipment, everyone can optimize their devices to suit their unique needs, without asking IT for help every time.

5. Boost productivity for remote workers

Nobody enjoys feeling left out during hybrid calls - and now they won’t have to. With Logi Dock, your team can turn working from home from a compromise into an advantage. This all-in-one docking station enables remote staff to collaborate better by simplifying their video conferencing experience. Employees can join and control meetings in one tap with calendar integration, so working from home becomes simple and seamless - all while reducing desktop clutter by connecting and charging up to five USB peripherals and two monitors.

Combine this with powerful, bass-rich speakers and six noise-canceling microphones, and you’ve got a center of video collaboration from home, all housed in a sleek, desk-friendly design.

Boost employee productivity with the right tools

Enabling your staff to work better, be more productive, and achieve more can be as simple as ensuring they have the right equipment to perform at their best. When you invest in purpose-built video conferencing tools, you also make IT’s job easier by minimizing trouble tickets and reducing the need for site visits as you manage everyone’s set-ups remotely. Does your staff have everything they need to work productively from home?


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