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Today, IT teams are increasingly responsible for all aspects of video conferencing and meeting room management and expected to understand the intricate details of meeting room setup and management. And they’re tasked with keeping meeting rooms up and running. Downtime has consequences — for employee productivity, for business partnerships, and for customer engagements.

Over the years, we’ve heard from numerous Logitech customers about the challenges of managing their inventory of meeting rooms. These meeting rooms sometimes number in the hundreds or thousands, spread out over multiple offices around the world. We have also learned from the challenges we face in our own Logitech offices.

From these conversations with customers and our own experience, we understand that IT organizations face three big challenges when it comes to meeting rooms:

  • How to efficiently manage the entire video conferencing deployment

  • How to adjust to uncertainty regarding hybrid work and return to the office

  • How to ensure a good employee experience in every meeting

Let’s talk about how our comprehensive service plan, Logitech Select, can help you solve these challenges.


Managing a Complex Video Conferencing Deployment

Among the tactical challenges that IT teams deal with when managing video conferencing and meeting rooms are the following:

  • Troubleshooting in multi-vendor deployments is difficult and time-consuming

  • To avoid business disruption, downtime in meeting rooms must be resolved as quickly as possible

  • Without a service agreement in place, it can take time to get in touch with customer support and resolve an issue

  • Lack of visibility across locations and systems makes it hard to manage devices and know what’s going on without physically being onsite

  • Replacing equipment that no longer functions can be costly and can lead to downtime

To solve these challenges, Logitech Select is designed to be an extension of your IT team. We offer a familiar support experience with 24/7 direct access to product and ecosystem experts, a single technical point of contact, fast product replacements, and premium software to minimize downtime proactively.

"We've been waiting for Logitech to provide this type of service. For us, it's a no-brainer, a minimum investment for the added value and ROI.”
– Financial Company, USA

Uncertainty Around Employee Needs and Office Attendance

One thing we can all agree on: There is still a lot of uncertainty around how we are going to work in the future, both short-term and long-term. It’s always been difficult to predict how many employees will be in the office on a given day, but the shift to hybrid work has added to the guesswork. Consequently, it’s also very difficult to predict meeting room needs or know how to invest for the future, due to:

  • Fluctuating office attendance

  • Inability to forecast when employees will return to the office in large numbers

  • Lack of visibility into current usage of equipment and space

Meeting room analytics dashboard

Logitech Select includes advanced Sync insights and analytics.

Logitech Select can help through better understanding of how spaces and devices are used. Select includes advanced analytics through Sync to give IT teams better insight into details such as room usage and occupancy and trends over time. This allows IT to better allocate resources today and predict needs for tomorrow.

"We were considering adding an extra year warranty for our hardware. But since Logitech Select includes hardware replacements, the decision was obvious."
– Global Communication Solutions Company, Europe

Ensuring a Good Employee Experience

Better predictions with respect to meeting room usage can serve another purpose: ensuring a better employee experience.

Meetings — both in person and virtual — are the locus for collaboration and decision-making. So meeting spaces must be available and operational when employees need them. This requirement applies to your small spaces and huddle rooms as much as your large conference rooms. Perhaps more, because huddle rooms are so frequently used for collaboration among members of distributed teams.


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Ensuring uptime in huddle rooms is just as important as for larger rooms.

In short, to promote a great employee experience and effective collaboration, video conferencing in the office needs to work at all times – it’s mission-critical. Logitech Select can help you minimize downtime in all of your meeting rooms, or in specific high-priority rooms. Features such as 24/7 expert assistance, accelerated hardware replacement, and insights into room occupancy give you the tools to provide an exceptional employee experience in those all-important meetings.

"Our global UC team is under-resourced. Adding this service gives us the resources needed to keep our conference rooms operational and reduces our downtime."
– Global Manufacturer

Logitech Select: The Right Service for This Moment

With Logitech Select, customers can protect their investment in AV equipment for the foreseeable future, while minimizing the burden on IT admins responsible for maintaining an inventory of meeting rooms.

With Logitech Select, you ensure your IT teams have the backup and tools they need to minimize downtime, ensure business continuity, and, in the end, remove any barriers to effective collaboration. Enjoy a personal and professional experience every time you get in touch and rely on our experts for help with your entire VC setup. Resolve any issues before they impact your business with advanced software features; and in case of equipment breakdown, our fast replacements will get your rooms back up and running in no time.

And don’t forget your smaller rooms. Meeting experiences in small spaces and huddle rooms need to be just as good as your larger rooms, especially as the demand for video-equipped huddle rooms increases.

“We attached Logitech Select to our most business-critical rooms, and it is providing the best service possible to us. Select helps us keep interruptions low thanks to directly available spare parts and 24/7 support. Our first experience with the premium support convinced us we had made the right decision. I would recommend adding Select to anyone purchasing Logitech room solutions.”
– Markus Henze, Cloud & Technology Expert, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

We understand the challenges of managing a complex AV environment. Logitech Select is our answer. Ensure your video collaboration solutions are always ready with a service plan that’s focused on uptime and business-class performance from a vendor you know and trust.

Learn more about Logitech Select and the true cost of downtime.


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