St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church Mass-From-Home Experience

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St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta and was first established in 1980. The church is home to thousands of Catholic communities in the East of Jakarta.




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Jakarta, Indonesia




Established in 1980, in East Jakarta, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church is home to thousands of Catholic community members. Mass and Sunday school are regular events.  Because activities cannot always be carried out face-to-face, the Church adapted by utilizing technology in order to continue serving the congregation.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, virtual religious worship service was a foreign concept to both church goers and clergy alike. Now, participating in a religious service virtually through TV screens or smartphones has become familiar and comfortable.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church selected video conferencing technology that offers the best and most reliable video and audio performance to support seamless worship activities.

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St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church trusted Logitech’s Rally Plus camera in conjunction with Zoom in order to provide a seamless experience for the congregation during religious service activities.

With Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom, the Church has ensured solemn Sunday services through excellent video and crystal-clear audio.

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By using Logitech Room Solutions with Zoom to support religious service activities, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church has been able to accommodate people’s worship activities during the pandemic in a safe and authentic way.

High-quality video and audio produced by Logitech’s Rally Plus camera also helped the congregation to conduct interactive discussions and maintain solemnness during Sunday services on Zoom’s platform.


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