BIP chooses Logitech's Tap and Rally Plus for its Microsoft Teams Rooms Deployment

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Founded in Italy in 2003, BIP is one of the main consultancy multinationals, with branches in 13 countries, employing more than 4,000 people globally. BIP offers Management Consulting and Business Integration services, assisting companies in researching and implementing cutting edge technology solutions.


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BIP enhances its Teams Rooms Deployment with Logitech

In order to meet employee expectations, BIP had to quickly upgrade its hybrid work capabilities. By increasing their Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment, in conjunction with Logitech Tap and Rally Plus, they successfully improved the work experience for in-person and remote participants. Implementing tools that embrace practicality and efficiency has resulted in a simple, yet powerful video collaboration infrastructure at their new Torre Liberty offices in Milan - the heart of the company's technology hub.

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BIP’s goal was to construct a modern workplace, in terms of furnishings and overall vision, along with user-friendly technology. BIP’s transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams provided the chance to revisit the company's entire video collaboration project, driven by the need for a versatile product. BIP was clear on the requirements that would guide its decision: audio quality, simplicity of use, configuration and maintenance, analytics, and design.

Audio quality was carefully considered. Even before the pandemic, BIP experimented with remote and hybrid work. People got used to headphones, and there was a need to maintain high audio quality, without any distortion, including within meeting rooms. The second factor was simplicity of use, configuration, and maintenance: the product had to be easy to use, with a consistent interface across mobile phones, laptops, and video conferencing systems. In addition, setup had to be simple, even for non-technical staff. The analytics element was also key; BIP needed software that could keep meeting rooms operating smoothly and perform proactive and predictive maintenance. Finally, the company needed design that harmoniously integrated with its new spaces, with scalable and modular structures that improved the work environment.

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After rigorous testing, BIP found a way to meet these needs with Logitech Tap and Rally Plus which made it possible to benefit from all of the advantages of Microsoft Teams, especially asynchronous work. BIP particularly appreciated the Tap touch controller, which  provided uniformity across rooms and simplicity with its "one touch to join" functionality. Rally Plus also provided excellent microphone audio, with its 360-degree omnidirectional capture, along with excellent video quality.

BIP relied on two partners that played an essential role: Essedi for infrastructure and audio-visual design, and Progetto CRM for overall furnishing and design.

In total, 15 meeting rooms were set up.

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Logitech products proved to be reliable, consistent, and quickly gained the approval of end users. BIP enabled Logitech's RightSense proactive technology which enhances conversational clarity and automatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture. The team achieved its goal of independently managing the overall video collaboration system, thanks to Logitech’s Sync device management platform that makes it possible to monitor and measure video devices and meeting rooms remotely. Due to scalability, the products used enable future implementations, preserving the investment made. The Logitech project fully responded to the company's main requirements: speed, substance, and quality.