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Maximize your laptop

For Laptops

Laptop Lovers, On-the-Go Professionals, Ergonomic-Conscious Users, Hybrid Workers

Made for compact perfection

For laptop lovers, get a complete mobile command center in one easy-to-carry package—without sacrificing ease and comfort.

Get the All-in-All Setup

Foldaway kit with laptop stand, keyboard, touchpad and storage.
Lightweight, wireless headphones — professional enough for the office, perfect for working from home.
With broad compatibility
Casa Pop up desk

Casa Pop-up Desk

Get comfy, focused work done anywhere. Once you’re done, fold it out of sight. Casa has all you need to work from home—or anywhere—in one compact kit, with a wireless keyboard, wireless touchpad and a book-like case that transforms into a laptop stand.

Zone vibe 100 headset

Zone Vibe 100

Work from anywhere without missing a beat. Experience immersive audio with Zone Vibe 100 wireless headphones. Professional enough for the office. Casual enough for home. Designed for the way you work and play.

R500s Laser presentation remote


Deliver impactful presentations with the R500 Laser Presentation Remote. Move freely and navigate slides from up to 20 meters away. Point out precise areas of focus with the red laser pointer.

Find your solution

Find solutions for the devices and platforms you use most. Whether you’re on a tablet, laptop, or even your phone, we’ve got a solution to help you achieve more from anywhere.

For iPad

Made to take iPad further

Find solutions made to work with iPadOS.

For Tablets

Get more from your tablet

Solutions for your Android or Windows tablet.

For Laptops

Elevate your laptop experience

Bluetooth-enabled solutions for your Macbook or PC laptop.


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