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4K Ultra HD webcam with RightLight 3 with HDR


4K Ultra HD webcam with RightLight 3 with HDR

AUD 299.95

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Step up to the world’s most technologically advanced webcam and get professional-quality video for conference calls, streaming, or video recording. Logitech BRIO is packed with features that produce stunning video in any environment. Our first 4K ultra high-def camera offers 5x digital zoom and RightLight 3 with HDR. Background replacement gives you the freedom to meet anywhere.

BRIO Webcam: Look Great in Any Light

Ultra 4K HD

Infrared Facial Recognition

RightLight™ 3 with HDR

Expansive Field-of-View

5x Digital Zoom

  • Dimensions


      • Height x Width x Depth:
      • 27 mm x 102 mm x 27 mm
      • Weight: 63 g


      • Height x Width x Depth:
      • 99 mm x 36 mm x 6 mm
      • Weight: 44 g

      Cable Length

      • 1.5 m
      • Weight: 63 g

    System Requirements

      • Windows® 7 (1080p only), Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
        macOS 10.10 or higher

      Google Chromebook Version 29.0.1547.70, Platform 4319.79.0 with:

      • 2.4 GHz Intel® Core 2 Duo processor
      • 2 GB RAM or more
      • Hard drive space for recorded videos
      • USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 required for 4K)

  • Technical Specifications

    • 4K Ultra HD video calling (up to 4096 x 2160 pixels @ 30 fps)
    • 1080p Full HD video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 or 60 fps)
    • 720p HD video calling (up to 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30, 60, or 90 fps)
    • Plug-and-play USB connectivity
    • 90 degree field of view (FOV) with two additional settings (65 degrees and 78 degrees) available with optional software download
    • 5x digital zoom in Full HD
    • Autofocus
    • RightLight 3 with HDR for clear image in various lighting environments ranging from low light to direct sunlight
    • Built-in dual omni-directional mics with noise cancellation
    • Infrared sensor technology
    • Background replacement
    • External privacy shutter
    • Multiple mounting options, including clip and tripod mount
    • Supports multiple connection types, including USB 2.0 Type A and USB 3.0 Type A and C connections
    • Custom carrying case
    • Background replacement, a Logitech labs project powered by Personify

  • Package Contents

    • Webcam
      USB 3.0 cable compatible with USB 2.0 or Type C
      Removable clip
      Privacy shade
      Carrying pouch

    Warranty Information

    3-year Limited hardware warranty

    Part Number

    PN 960-001105