F&S Whitepaper: Reinventing the Office for Hybrid Work

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Frost and Sullivan

Arbitrary return-to-office mandates have proven risky and contentious. Is there a better way to get people to come back to the office consistently – one that doesn’t require the top-down, command-and-control approach? 

Read the whitepaper from Logitech and Frost & Sullivan, “Are You Ready to Reinvent the Office?” to learn how you can turn office space into a differentiated, value-creating asset that employees want to return to — not one they are forced to come back to.

Uncover the three key ingredients to reinventing the office for the hybrid age: 

  • Simplicity: Make the office extremely user-friendly so employees can get work done quickly and effectively

  • Flexibility: Create an office that is optimized for its primary function — collaboration

  • Manageability: Make it easy for IT to centrally monitor and administer employee technologies across locations

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