Enabling Digital Transformation with Logitech for MS Teams

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Recent research by Tokyo-based non-profit Japan Productivity Center (JPC) shows that remote work has increased up to 20% across Japan since the start of the pandemic. With some people working in the office and some from home, businesses must find innovative ways to make sure teams stay connected as hybrid models take hold.

When wireless electronics specialist Japan Radio Company(JRC) decided to accelerate their own work-style reforms, they wanted to create an environment where employees remain enthusiastic about their jobs – wherever they are. They also wanted to ensure that their culture remained intact amidst transformation. Representative director and president, Takeshi Koarai, shares how partnering with Logitech on video conferencing room solutions made this digital transformation possible.

Adapting to change with user-friendly video collaboration

“JRC employs approximately 6,000 people and operates in 19 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Due to the pandemic crisis, we accelerated our work-style reformation – and believe digital transformations are vital to prepare ourselves for a new normal,” says Takeshi.

The company decided to migrate their legacy conferencing systems to Microsoft Teams-based video meetings, which required hardware options that met multiple objectives: seamless integration with Teams, a simple user interface, high-quality audio and video performance, and a substantial reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

After evaluating multiple hardware solutions, the JRC IT team selected Logitech to help them create a flexible working environment that satisfies employees and helps the business operate smoothly.

Enhancing the video collaboration experience with room solutions

Deputy director, sales strategy division, Hiroshi Kumagai explains, “The team selected the Logitech Room Solution for Microsoft Teams for medium rooms, which includes Logitech Rally, a Logitech Tap touch controller, and a Microsoft-approved mini-PC. This was extremely easy to deploy and get up and running.

We’ve found four distinct advantages of adopting the Logitech Room Solution:

  • People can participate in meetings from an external environment, including home office environments. This is a key feature for our remote business needs.
  • It exhibits high sound and image quality, which makes the experience extremely realistic and creates an ambiance of everyone participating in the meeting.
  • It exhibits a high sound range. In a meeting room for about 20 people, no matter where you’re sitting, the same audio quality level is maintained.
  • You can participate in meetings with a single touch. With the previous system, the user had to prepare the meeting in advance. This system allows you to participate automatically with a single touch.”

Easy video collaboration brings timely results

Within three months of the first installation, 77 conference rooms in 15 locations throughout Japan were fully operational. “Our company has been pleased with the simple user interface, high-quality, and increased operational efficiency Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams provide,” says Takeshi.

Japan Radio management has also calculated that the deployment of Logitech MTR solutions has reduced TCO of the company’s previous video conferencing spend, while simultaneously increasing video meeting quality.

“Our goal now is to utilize these tools throughout the business to promote hybrid and remote working,” adds Hiroshi. “We believe that through Logitech Teams and Tap, our employees are now fully prepared for this new landscape.”

As remote working becomes the new normal, the tech businesses use to keep people happy and productive is becoming ever more important. It’s never been more important to equip employees with the right products to help them be at their best.



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