Siemens AG Adopts Logitech Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Multinational Conglomerate Creates New Normal with Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams.




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Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate headquartered in Munich, Germany and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with offices abroad.

Siemens AG has created a new normal working model for approximately 235,000 office workers across the enterprise that focuses on virtual collaboration and secure remote work at scale.

An important foundation for their New Work environments is the way communication and cooperation take place. To ensure consistent and seamless global communication and collaboration, Siemens AG has deployed Microsoft Teams throughout the company and selected Logitech as its hardware implementation partner.

With pre-configured solutions for any size room, Microsoft certifications, intuitive design and deep experience in video collaboration, Siemens AG knew they had a strong partner at their side with Logitech.

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When Siemens AG replaced its legacy communications platform with a worldwide rollout of Microsoft Teams, they prioritized technology that enables employees to stay in touch, feel safe and comfortable, well informed, and integrated in the team no matter where they work from.

“We had a clear vision right from the start,” said project lead at Siemens AG, Andreas Rieger. “In addition to high-quality audio/visual, the new technology had to be easy to use and manage, standardized across all locations, platform-independent, reliable and cost effective.”

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To achieve their global meeting room objectives, Siemens AG chose Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams—pre-configured bundles that include everything needed for Teams video meetings. The bundles include Logitech MeetUp for smaller rooms, Logitech Rally for medium and large conference rooms, and Logitech Tap for one-touch join in all rooms.

"It's great that Logitech offers high-quality, innovative cable management as part of their standard solutions. With other providers, this often results in additional costs," said Tom Beavis, IT Service Excellence at Siemens AG.

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Siemens AG lives digital communication to the fullest with open meeting rooms, conferences at the push of a button, and AV streaming that feels live. The result of its collaboration with Logitech: intuitive, easy to use and attractively designed solutions that deliver added value for employees and the company every day.

Partnering with Logitech, the modernization of communications helped Siemens AG meet the requirements of their sustainability initiatives and primary corporate values: responsible, excellent and innovative. “We want to offer more than just the basic package: only when employees enjoy using the platform will communication, productivity and innovation be improved,” said Rieger. “Together with Logitech and Microsoft Teams, we offer our employees a communications experience that is not a barrier, but rather an invitation to more interaction.”

Logitech was one of only two technology companies to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI) in 2020. Addressing this, Hanna Hennig, CIO of Siemens and Head of Siemens Information Technology, said “Regular business travel for every meeting is simply no longer appropriate.”


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