Top 10 Tips for Looking Your Best on Video

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Illustration of a women in a video meeting

Video conferencing is how people meet now. And yet it’s still common to feel self-conscious in video meetings, especially if the camera or environment is less than ideal.

Fortunately, a few simple steps – and a high-quality webcam – will ensure you're ready for any video call. Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or another video conferencing software, these quick tips can help you to look great whenever you’re in front of the camera.


Illustration of a person with a lightsource pointed at them

How to adjust lighting to showcase you and not your shadow.

Illustration of a person with a headset

How to avoid audio issues that can impact perception and productivity.

Illustration of a person with a background of shelves

Why you should always check your surroundings and what’s on the walls behind you.

Illustration of a computer screen with multiple windows opened

Considerations that might not have occurred to you, like closing other applications.


Illustration of monitor with a dedicated webcam used in video meeting

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How IT is Evolving to Support a Hybrid Workforce

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Split image of traditional whiteboard and virtual whiteboarding

How to Add Virtual Whiteboarding to Video Meetings

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Federal personnel using logitech video conferencing equipment

Guide to Logitech TAA/NDAA Compliant Products

Complete guide to Logitech’s TAA compliant video conferencing solutions to meet the needs of a modern, secure government workforce to better serve the public.
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