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Hydro Tasmania is Australia's leading clean energy business and largest generator of renewable energy. 

With over 30 power stations across Tasmania and consulting services around the world, Hydro Tasmania’s goal is to help make Tasmania the renewable energy battery of the nation and create an energy future that's clean, reliable, and affordable.


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Offices in two countries, with headquarters in Hobart, Tasmania.

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Hydro Tasmania is Australia's leading renewable energy business with over 30 power stations across Tasmania. They aim to make Tasmania the renewable energy battery of the nation and create a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future. However, due to the geographically dispersed workforce, the company faced a significant challenge in maintaining effective communication and collaboration. 

Importantly, Logitech aligns with Hydro Tasmania’s sustainability values, with both companies sharing a commitment to environmental responsibility. Additionally, with the help of Logitech solutions, Hydro Tasmania has streamlined its operations, making it easier for their employees to connect, whether they're on-site or working remotely.

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The primary challenge for Hydro Tasmania was maintaining connections and facilitating face-to-face interactions among a diverse and geographically spread workforce. The company needed a solution that would allow its employees to communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of their location.

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Since partnering with Logitech five years ago, Hydro Tasmania has implemented a range of Logitech products, evolving alongside the brand to address their business needs best. Their current lineup of products includes the Rally Bar, Tap, Tap Schedulers, Brio 505 webcams and MX Keys keyboards. These solutions made connecting and collaborating simple and accessible for their employees, saving them time and making their meetings more efficient. Moreover, Logitech solutions have mitigated safety risks associated with travel to remote locations, especially in Tasmania, an area known for its unpredictable weather conditions.

The company uses Microsoft Teams as their collaboration platform, and Logitech's products, being Teams certified, are seamlessly integrated into this ecosystem. To manage remote tech troubleshooting issues, Hydro Tasmania uses the Logitech Sync portal. This enables them to handle firmware updates and reboot devices from the portal, making it easier to manage their tech infrastructure across multiple and often remote locations.

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With Logitech's solutions, Hydro Tasmania has been able to maintain effective communication and collaboration among its geographically dispersed workforce. The time saved on travel for face-to-face meetings has allowed employees to be more productive. Moreover, the use of Logitech's sustainable products aligns with Hydro Tasmania's focus on sustainability, making it a beneficial partnership for both parties.

Hydro Tasmania looks forward to continuing its partnership with Logitech, given its focus on sustainability. The company believes that partnering with organisations that share its commitment to renewability and sustainability will always be an advantage. With Logitech's solutions, Hydro Tasmania is well-equipped to face the future and continue its mission to create a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future.

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