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Ducoco implements Logitech® GROUP in the boardroom and Logitech ConferenceCam Connect in the field.

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Ducoco is one of Brazil’s largest exporters of coconut products, supported by numerous farms, factories, distribution centers, and 1,500 employees. By installing Logitech GROUP in their headquarters boardroom and leveraging the all-in-one portability of Logitech ConferenceCam Connect in the field, Ducoco has achieved what was previously impossible: real-time, HD-quality face-to-face collaboration throughout their sprawling organization.

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Food and Beverage

São Paulo, Brazil

Logitech GROUP
Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

Skype® for Business


With seven farms, multiple factories, and 1,500 employees, Ducoco is geographically diverse. They recognized the collaborative potential of Skype for Business, but needed technology that could deliver exceptional audio and video–plus portability for their field locations–to make it all work.


Ducoco installed Logitech GROUP, the easy-to-use video conferencing solution for mid- to large-sized conference rooms, in their HQ boardroom and deployed ConferenceCam Connect for all-in-one portability in the field to support high-quality face-to-face collaboration using Skype for Business.


The combination of Logitech GROUP, ConferenceCam Connect, and Skype for Business gives Ducoco managers and teams unprecedented flexibility to meet face-to-face, make decisions, and move their business forward from any location in their geographically diverse organization.

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“In years past, Ducoco managers often opted to cancel meetings and wait for opportunities to visit units in the field to address issues that could have easily been solved remotely. By combining Logitech video conferencing technology with Skype for Business, those limitations no longer exist. High-quality video and audio has vastly improved the way we collaborate with our factories and farms, producing great results for our business and people.”

José Augusto Sousa
Senior IT Manager, Ducoco

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