Case Study: Logitech Enables Successful Hybrid Work at Impala Studios

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Impala Studios

The roots of Impala Studios date back to 2009 when the company was founded as a global development studio with a focus on creating, publishing, and maintaining its own mobile applications. The goal? Making people's everyday lives easier.


Mobile app developer


Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap, Tap Scheduler, Scribe, Brio


Haarlem, The Netherlands





Impala Studios conducts an annual survey among its employees to gauge their engagement.

In 2021, 53% of employees agreed with the statement “Most of the technology contributes to completing work effectively.”

In 2022, after the implementation of Logitech hardware and software, 76% of employees agreed with the statement, “Most of the technology contributes to completing work effectively.” This represents a substantial improvement in employee perception.


Impala Studios employs over 70 employees. It is a developer and publisher of mobile apps available in app stores worldwide.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the company struggled with defining a successful hybrid work model, their own 'New Logic of Work.' Thanks to the assistance of Logitech solutions, Impala Studios' employees now collaborate seamlessly, whether they are in the office or working from home.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Impala Studios faced the challenge of finding a form of hybrid work that would fit the company's needs — their own 'New Logic of Work.' Employees got used to working from home. Because of that, many preferred not to return to the office, while others were willing to come back for just a few days. Consequently, the central question was: how can we offer our employees flexibility while preserving the company's culture? Keeping this challenge in mind, Impala Studios selected and set up their new office to accommodate the new situation with the help of Logitech business solutions.

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Impala Studios deployed the Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap, and Tap Scheduler. In some rooms, Logitech Scribe helps bridge the gap between colleagues working in the office and employees working from home, as whiteboard notes and drawings can be easily presented to remote employees. A significant number of remote colleagues are equipped with Logitech Brio webcams to ensure they are always visible and can be heard loud and clear. Additionally, the implemented solutions assist the recruiting department in conducting interviews with global talent in the competitive IT market.

Logitech Sync software assists Impala Studios in gaining a clear overview of occupancy in all workspaces and the equipment used within the company. At a single glance, the status of rooms is visible, and IT administrators can schedule updates to ensure that both software and equipment are always ready for use.

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Previously, remote communication and collaboration used to be complicated and challenging. Thanks to Logitech's hardware and software, this complexity is a thing of the past. The products are designed for streamlined, seamless, and straightforward use so that everyone can work with them effortlessly. The quality is at such a level that remote working no longer has to be an obstacle for anyone. We can successfully bridge the gap between everyone in the office and everyone working from home.

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