Why Webcams Matter: Equip Employees with Cameras for Business

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Home office setup with a dedicated webcam

89% of hybrid or remote workers struggle with video issues – but just 37% of companies provide their employees with external webcams. What could your business unlock if people were less focused on camera angles and always ready to collaborate?

Find out in this infographic. You’ll learn why it’s critical for every employee to have the right webcam for their specific job – and how Logitech makes it easier than ever to equip your organization with webcams built for business.

Highlights include:

  • The best webcam for every role in your organization, from sales to executives to ergo-conscious users

  • Why built-in laptop cameras are costing your business productivity

  • How Logitech webcams improve work for end users and IT

  • Top features and capabilities for the full Logitech line of webcams, including Brio 305, Brio 505, and our most advanced webcam yet, MX Brio 705 for Business

Download this infographic and discover how the right webcam can empower your hybrid workforce to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to your business.


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