MX Ink MR Stylus for Meta Quest

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MX Ink

MR Stylus for Meta Quest


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The natural extension of handheld tools in Mixed Reality (MR). MX Ink is a Made for Meta product with integrated Meta Settings control as a result of collaborative design and engineering. Explore newfound capabilities with familiar mastery and precision.

Starts shipping late September 2024

Specs & Details


Height: 6.46 in (164 mm)
Diameter: 0.72 in (18.2 mm)
Weight: 1.02 oz (29 g)

Technical Specifications

USB-C Charging Port (cable not included)
Pogo Pins Charging supports MX Inkwell
Button and tip customization through Meta Settings
2 Replaceable tips included: 1 fine tip and 1 wide tip
Up to 7 hours battery life (typically 3 hours with haptics)

Warranty Information

1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

  • 914-000085


Pair using Meta Quest App
Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2
Max one MX Ink paired alongside Meta Touch Controllers

In the Box

  • MX Ink Stylus for Meta Quest
  • Two Spare Tips: 1 fine and 1 wide
  • User Documentation


Find all the documentation we have available to get this product up and running quickly. 


Sign up to learn more about MX Ink, new use cases and applications partners, and more. We are very excited about MX Ink and looking forward to sharing those updates with you!

Master Your Vision

MX Ink is a crafted control device with perfected pressure sensitivity and organic form. This is a tool you do not need to learn. Dive into your creations, in 3D and 2D, with frictionless ease. Pair and control leveraging Meta Quest app and Meta Settings. MX Ink was the design intent and with our Meta collaboration, we have fine-tuned the experience to be masterfully intuitive and immersive.

Made for Meta badge

Key Features

Hands holding a controller and MX Ink

Intuitive Controls

Experience high-precision in Mixed Reality (MR) with the familiar feel of a pen. No learning curve, saving time and keeping you in your workflow.

Man drawing on a shoe

Multi-modal Flexibility

MX Ink will mark the first time Meta Quest headsets support more than two paired controllers at once. Once MX Ink is paired, easily switch between using Meta Quest controllers and MX Ink without interrupting your workflow.

Start writing, sketching on 2D physical surfaces and jump to 3D room-scale spaces, then back again. Create, annotate, and navigate in the best of both worlds.

Pressure-sensitive and Haptic Finesse

High-precision creativity and control with a pressure-sensitive tip and main button. Sketch, grab, move, and manipulate with simplicity in Mixed Reality (MR).

MX Ink product image


Deep integration within Meta Settings allows you to tailor your individual control, pressure curves, initial activation forces.Choose primary right or left. Configure button mapping. MX Ink becomes the tool you need.

Man drawing in the air

Low-Latency, Immersive Technology

High-accuracy 6DoF with balanced button feel, pressure, tactility, and haptics achieves seamless spatial tracking. It’s a must for MR applications.

Charging cable and charging port on MX Ink

Lightweight with Long Battery Life

Long-lasting batteryBattery life varies significantly based on headset and applications. Above parameters based on Meta Quest 3 usage estimates. (7 hours in a typical workflow) makes recharging simple with USB-C port (cable not included) or leverage the pogo pins on the back of MX Ink to charge using MX Inkwell Charging Dock (not included, available separately).

Product Overview

MX Ink

Stylus for Meta Quest

MX Ink MR Stylus for Meta Quest product overview
  1. Grab: Click = Grab
  2. Options: Click = A; Double Tap = B
  3. Meta: Click = Universal Menu;
    Press and hold 2 sec = Recenter Headset View;
    Press and hold 5 sec = Power Off
  4. Tip: Pressure sensitive nib for natural writing and drawing
  5. Pressure: Pressure-sensing analog input for drawing and writing in air. Cursor extends from the tip. Lightly tap or press while aiming the cursor to select
  6. LED Power and Connectivity Status
  7. Pogo Pins Charging by MX Inkwell
  8. USB-C Charging by wire port


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