Case Study: Mediaset Improves Hybrid Work with Logitech

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Mediaset is the leading commercial broadcaster in Italy and Spain, dominating audience ratings with 5 generalist channels and over 30 thematic channels. Its multimedia system is unique in Europe, operating across platforms – satellite TV, on-demand, web, radio, and film production and distribution.


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Mediaset Logo

Mediaset is the leading commercial broadcaster in Italy and Spain, dominating audience ratings with 5 generalist channels and over 30 thematic channels. Thanks to a multimedia system integrating TV, web, radio and cinema, it entertains and informs millions of people every day.


Telecom and Entertainment


Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Rally Plus kit, Tap Scheduler, Scribe, MeetUp, Logi Dock, Sync, Select


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55% Smart working adoption rate

Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Powered by Logitech for Business video collaboration solutions, Mediaset has achieved the goal of providing its employees with a comfortable and technologically advanced, yet intuitive, work environment. The company promotes well-being through inclusion and flexibility, and by ensuring optimal conditions for productivity, whether employees work from home or in the office.

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Back in 2020, during the design of a new smart working model, the redesign of workspaces emerged as a crucial element in optimizing the new way of working in the company. Initially, Mediaset had dedicated video conferencing rooms with various products that caused compatibility issues. But when travel became difficult, the initial priority was to improve communication between the production centers in Milan and Rome. Adapting to remote work soon became an essential goal based on two crucial principles: the ability for all to share ideas equally, and the need to strengthen the sense of belonging. The change was thus inspired by the desire to stimulate innovation through collaboration, facilitate social interaction in hybrid work, and strengthen the modern corporate identity. Starting with the Microsoft platform, Mediaset decided to implement a Microsoft Teams Rooms system along with hardware solutions deemed most compatible with it: Logitech.

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Logitech proved to be the most reliable choice thanks to automatic software updates and the ability to integrate new features through the Logitech Sync software. The quality and scalability of the hardware also contributed to the purchase decision.

Initially, the Rally Plus kit was used for its quality and the benefit of automatic speaker detection. Then, Rally Bar was introduced to manage larger meeting rooms, integrating Android to eliminate the NUC and implement dual direction with dual cameras. The use of the Tap touch device then simplified meeting management, reducing IT intervention. Tap Scheduler and Sync were later implemented to enable room booking and remote device management. Additionally, to ensure better inclusivity, the Scribe content camera was added, allowing for the inclusion of notes and annotations from a whiteboard in hybrid meetings. Finally, to optimize so-called “Office Meets”, Logi Dock was implemented in focus rooms for flexibility and to manage impromptu meetings.

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Logitech solutions have increased user autonomy, offering various video conferencing options to meet diverse needs, which in turn has resulted in less IT support tickets. Thus, Mediaset was able to create a modern and comfortable work environment that improved collaboration among employees, no matter where they are.

This flexibility also allowed for a significant reduction in space reconfiguration costs. Currently, there are 70 meeting rooms equipped with Logitech systems between the Milan and Rome offices, with further expansions planned. 20 of the rooms equipped with Rally Bar are also covered by Logitech Select, a comprehensive service plan to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity. 

Despite the adoption of hybrid work, the company has encouraged a return to the office by providing a comfortable and technologically well-equipped work environment, promoting inclusion and ensuring optimal conditions for productivity.

The strategy reflects the company's vision which has always included the well-being and health of employees, as well as promoting sustainability through energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, and workspace design with recyclable, non-toxic materials, and biophilic design.

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