Wave Keys for Mac + Lift for Mac




Get comfier with a wireless ergonomic duo designed for Mac and shaped for a more natural hand, wrist and forearm posture.

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Key Features

Your first ergo setup. Designed for Mac.

Lift for Mac and Wave Keys for Mac are a match made in comfort heaven to keep you working comfier for as long as you need, and optimized for macOS. Wave Keys for Mac features a Mac compact layout with Mac specific keys for familiar typing from day one.

Raise your hand into comfort

The optimal 57° angle of Lift for Mac places your hand in what we like to call “natural handshake position” on a soft, rubber grip. This vertical angle puts less pressure on your wrist throughout the day and places your forearm in a more natural posture.

Relax on a cushioned palm rest

The wavy design of Wave Keys for Mac places your palms, wrists and forearm in a natural typing position, while your hands stay relaxed on a cushioned palm rest with memory foam. Take the pressure off your wrist, and treat yourself with 57% more wrist support throughout the day.

Comfy compact keys with all you need

This compact keyboard allows you to bring your mouse closer to your body, placing your shoulder in a more natural position while using your mouse.* Plus, Lift for Mac is a great fit for small to medium-sized hands.

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