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Product Review by Research Analyst at TalkingPointz

People on a video conference meeting using the logitech Brio camera system

For an in-depth review of Logitech BRIO, download this whitepaper by analyst TalkingPointz, BRIO is Logitech’s first ultra high-def web camera with 4K resolution, . The paper examines ideal video conferencing capabilities, including high-dynamic range (HDR) technology, support for facial recognition (such as Windows Hello), 4K video resolution, and 5x digital zoom.

TalkingPointz notes “The combination of features packed into BRIO (HDR, IR, 4K over USB 3.0) results in a camera that will remain useful for years to come.”

Highlights Include


Why the cameras integrated in mobile devices, laptops, and PC monitors are far from optimal for video meetings.


Why business are looking for features such as facial recognition, 4K video resolution, and 5x digital zoom.


How BRIO solves one of the biggest frustrations in with desktop video: poor lighting.


Why biometric authentication is growing in popularity for IT and end users alike.

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