MR Stylus for Meta Quest

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Master Your Vision

MX Ink stylus seamlessly pairs with Meta Quest headsets through the Meta Quest app. MX Ink will mark the first time Meta Quest headsets support more than two paired controllers at once. Once MX Ink is paired, easily switch between Meta Quest controllers and MX Ink without interrupting your workflow. The MX Ink experience is designed to be familiar and fluid, like all the most precise tools known to us, so you are fast to ideas. To achieve this, we have upheld the highest level of quality and experience standards to be a Made for Meta product. Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 compatible.

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Seamless 2D to 3D

Take the whiteboard experience to the next level with virtual meetings that bring teams together in new and powerful ways. Plan multi-modal workshops with the standard 2D paper/pen/desk that transition straight into 3D room-scale space with freedom of movement and point-and-click control of assets and collaborative tools.

2D Tableau

Man drawing on the desk with MX Ink

3D Sculpting

Man drawing in the air with MX Ink
Woman sketching on a canvas


With a dedicated stylus customization page in the Meta Settings, from primary right- to left-hand selection to custom button mapping and adjustable pressure curves for the tip and pressure button, MX Ink becomes the tool you need. 

Replaceable tips enhance user customization.


Button feel, pressure sensitivity, low-latency on par with Meta Quest controllers, and 6DoF performance are engineered for max immersion and tactility—haptic feedback included.

MX Ink with dock product image


Long-lasting batteryBattery life varies significantly based on headset and applications. Above parameters based on Meta Quest 3 usage estimates. (7 hours in a typical workflow) makes recharging simple and elegant, with the included MX Inkwell charging dock that leverages the pogo pin charging ports on the MX Ink. Also charge using a USB-C port (cable not included).

Compatible Applications

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MX Ink for Developers

Are you a developer looking to integrate MX Ink into your application? Please apply below to sign up to receive MX Ink (we have a limited number of developer units available to ship in early July). In the meantime, please also visit our GitHub page.

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