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App development in VR is as important as the stylus in your hand

We're seeking to integrate with application partners to ensure VR Ink offers its best performance and empowers your users. We have an SDK and toolkit available. Get in touch if you're interested to learn more.

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Featured Application Partner

Some of the great work our application partners are doing with VR Ink Pilot Edition deserves to be shared.

Flying Shapes logo

"VR Ink brings a completely new workflow to the table."

— Jonas Kunze, Cofounder Flying Shapes

The easy-to-use app every designer has been waiting for: Finally you can enjoy the creative freedom of building your own 3D models with a simple flick of your wrist.

  • Explore the awesome advantages of VR modeling tailor-made for designers.
  • Create breathtaking 3D vehicles, architecture and other products from first sketch to detailed model.
  • Quickly expand 2D drawings into amazing 3D objects with VR Ink and our “virtual drawing tablet” feature.
  • Present your stunning 3D key sketches in inspiring 360° environments to online collaborators and remote clients.
Gravity Sketch logo

"Sketching in VR with the VR Ink is just fantastic. Freely sketching in 3D space, and if need, I can edit the control points to tweak my line."

— Glen Southern, Creative Director, SOUTHERNGFX

Gravity Sketch is a VR/AR product design and collaboration platform that allows design and engineering teams to create, collaborate, and review in an entirely new way from anywhere in the world. The software is being used by design studios at the likes of Ford, Nissan, and Reebok, alongside over 60 universities and over 50,000 creative professionals across the world as a key part of their design workflow.

Autodesk VRED logo

"VR Ink will be the standard tool for everyone who wants to leave a mark in VR."

— Alessandro Mennonna, Senior Visualization Specialist, Prisma Tech

Autodesk® VRED Professional software helps users create high-end visualizations and virtual prototypes in .the automotive development process and CGI production. By moving from physical to virtual processes and a high level of customizability, car manufacturers and their suppliers can help close communication gaps and shorten the overall time to market.

Mindesk logo

"VR Ink is the most precise input interface. A natural fit for Mindesk XR CAD interface"

—  Gabriele Sorrento, CEO Mindesk Inc. and Director Vection Technologies Ltd.

Mindesk is a real-time platform for CAD designers. It enables to render CAD models as the designer creates them and enable collaboration in Virtual Reality.

Designer can review and model their projects in VR using native CAD instructions and natural input devices like VRInk without any import or data prep.

Vector Suite logo

"VR design saves weeks and months in a design pipeline. VR Ink is essentially a mouse for this 3D space."

— Neil Johnston, CEO, Vector Suite

Vector Suite is a 3D design software for creative and industrial design teams. Developed around a commitment to the craftsmanship of the drawn line, Vector Suite makes 3D design accessible to sketch artists whilst simultaneously speeding up traditional design pipelines.

Logitech is just one of many partners Vector Suite works with to meet its customers' needs. Neil Johnston, Vector Suite CEO, took some time to share his early perspective on VR Ink Pilot Edition. 

Collaborate with Us

We collaborate with a number of companies pushing the boundaries of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. If you share our ambition to develop in this space, we’d love to hear from you.

Application partners: We would like to integrate VR Ink and empower your users.

Pioneering companies: We would like to enable your use cases and keep you informed of product updates, availability and partner integrations. Read more

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