Hamsters - Logitech Promo

Meet the new family of

Logitech Hamsters

Why Hamsters?

An important biological fact has been brought to our attention. Mice have tails, hamsters don’t. We’ve decided to act accordingly. Starting today, we are rebranding all Logitech wireless mice as Logitech hamsters.


Energy efficient, stout-bodied, tail-free. It doesn’t take a zoologist to see why the hamster was the perfect inspiration for Logitech’s latest line of wireless peripherals. All Logitech hamsters combine ultra-fast wireless with stunning design and the latest innovations like Logitech Flow.


Fear not mouse lovers - mice aren’t going away entirely. Logitech envisions a world where mouse and hamster coexist in harmony. Wired mice will still proudly carry the name ‘mouse’ as we continue to innovate both tail-free and tail-full computer peripherals.


There’s a lot to love about the humble hamster. Here’s a few of our favorite facts about hamsters (also known as Mesocricetus Auratus).

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