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Unproductive. Inefficient. A "time-suck." This is what many of us think when meetings are mentioned. Leaders try to innovate with agendas, decision makers, and walking meetings—but what if we did it differently? What if we took a big, ambitious moonshot approach that completely reimagined how organizations and teams collaborate?

Join us as we bring together a panel of experts across disciplines. And not just thought leaders—neuroscience experts, athletes, Navy Seals, and CEOs.
Together, let’s solve meetings.


ThursDAY  |  OCTOBER 17

6:00 PM Gather for dinner

6:30 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Big thinker intro with Andy Walshe


7:30 AM Registration & breakfast

8:00 AM Moonshot kickoff

8:45 AM Ice-breaker activity

9:15 AM EPM introduction: “What Constitutes a Great Meeting”

9:30 AM EPM sprint

10:15 AM EPM wrap-up

10:30 AM Break

11:00 AM Expert presenters & discussion

12:00 PM Lunch & metadata review

1:15 PM EPM revision / ideas into action

2:15 PM Break

2:45 PM Introspection activity

3:00 PM 10 rules for 10X meetings

4:00 PM Debrief

4:30 PM Official close & post-event reception

Meetings could be much more efficient, collaborative, productive and inspiring. But too often they aren't. We want to explore how we can help to make them radically better, and to do so we're bringing together an extraordinary group of experts across academia, business, technology and elite teams to hack the 60 minute meeting.


Andy Walshe, Human Performance Practitioner


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