Case Study: Global Technology Company Invests in the Employee Experience with Logitech

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This Silicon Valley high-tech company is a leader in markets ranging from gaming to AI to self-driving vehicles. It develops technology for industries such as engineering and construction, scientific research, and manufacturing design.


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Logi Dock, MX Keys Combo, Zone True Wireless, Brio


Santa Clara, CA


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For more than 30 years, one global technology company has led the way in the area of supercomputing, transforming disciplines ranging from gaming to artificial intelligence. As it has grown, the company has consistently invested in its employees and prioritized the employee experience. The company wants employees to feel inspired and set up for success. 

By providing new employees with high-quality Logitech peripherals as part of the onboarding process, this tech leader establishes a “wow” experience for employees from their very first day on the job.

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For a company that routinely onboards 100 or more new employees per month and some 1,100 interns per year, the global pandemic was both a huge challenge and an opportunity. It gave the company – and in particular, the Employee Experience IT Lead – a chance to reassess the way employees joined the company. 

During the pandemic, the company made the decision to close offices and become a remote-first employer. But this decision had repercussions, especially for onboarding. How do you create a welcoming experience for employees when they don’t come into an office and there’s no one to greet them on their first day?

The company understands how important this issue is. When it comes to employee retention, there’s an “X factor”, according to the customer. “New knowledge workers – college grads, interns – they care about the culture of the company they're going to be working for,” he says. “The company’s values matter.”

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One way this tech company decided to show how much it valued employees was by providing the very best quality tools for their jobs, from 34” ultra-wide monitors and MacBook Pros, to Logi Dock and the Logitech MX Keys Combo set with keyboard and mouse. The company’s IT philosophy is: “If you wouldn't buy it for yourself with your own money, don't buy it for employees.” As a result, says the Employee Experience IT Lead, “We buy the best for the work they need to do.”

Now when interns and new employees join, they’re sent a branded backpack that contains a new laptop, the MX Keys mouse and keyboard, a Logitech Brio webcam, a Zone True Wireless headset, and Logi Dock (for Mac users working remotely). This investment lays the groundwork for a “delightful” employee experience from day one.

Logi Dock specifically was chosen for Mac users for a number of reasons. Not only does Logi Dock clean up the desktop by reducing the number of cables and connections. It also addresses certain requirements such as the ability to integrate with Microsoft Teams for meetings, easily attach multiple monitors, provide 100W power to the laptop, and solve other more technical needs. And Logi Dock aligns well with the Apple design approach with its emphasis on simplicity and great user experience.

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“Logitech clearly illustrated to us how important it was that their products are as good for the environment as technology can be – in packaging, in distribution, in the way they work,” says the Employee Experience IT Lead. He says that Logitech was chosen, and these specific products were chosen, “because of the care and design put into them, which creates the experience all of us want – from interns and contractors to 20-year veterans. A world-class employee experience would not be possible without Logitech products.”

Invest in high-quality tools for your people, he advises, “and you will reduce costs, you will reduce waste, and you will reduce friction, which will make your knowledge workers far more productive.”



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