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Wave Keys for Mac wireless ergonomic keyboard is shaped for all-day comfort, with a wavy keyframe design for easy, natural typing. The cushioned palm rest with memory foam, provides 57% more wrist support. Pair with Lift for Mac for the full comfy experience.

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Key Features

Designed for Mac. Made for comfort.

Wave Keys for Mac wireless ergonomic keyboard is shaped to feel instantly familiar, and keep you typing in a natural position for as long as you need. This compact keyboard featuring Mac specific keys and layout works seamlessly with macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. Connect via bluetooth and switch typing between one device to another with a tap using the Easy-Switch keys.

Familiar typing made comfier

Rest your hands, wrists and forearms in a natural position as you type. The unique curved keyframe design of Wave Keys for Mac feels instantly familiar and keeps you comfier all day long.

Cushioned for your palms

Keep your hands relaxed on a cushioned palm rest with memory foam that takes the pressure off your wrists and offers 57% more wrist support throughout the day.

Compact keys with all you need

This compact keyboard allows you to bring your mouse closer to your body, placing your shoulder in a more natural position while using your mouse and stay relaxed with quiet, fluid typing.

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