Let Students Own Learning

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Let Students Own Learning

Student using wireless mouse on computer

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, the ability to learn quickly and adopt new skills is essential for all students, regardless of their career path. Student-led learning not only motivates students to seek knowledge throughout the learning process, it also gives them the creative freedom to take the lead in their learning experience. Educators recognize the importance of student-led learning, with 65% of U.S. K-12 educators citing it a valuable skill for the 21st century.

This approach shifts the focus from traditional rote learning to self-directed exploration of personal interests within broader learning objectives set by teachers.

One way educators can give students more autonomy in the learning experience is by giving them choices and flexible hardware. In classrooms driven by learning applications, technology tools expand what students can do and how they can do it. Teachers can use technology to their advantage to inspire creative thinking and provide students with the opportunity to express knowledge in a way that's meaningful to them 

Enabling students to create interactive and engaging content allows them to demonstrate mastery skills and deeper understanding of a subject. When creating content, easy-to-use tools are needed to encourage autonomous learning, especially as students’ bodies, motor and digital skills develop. The Logitech Pen for Chromebook or Logitech Crayon for iPad® are great companion tools for educational apps. Students of all ages can write, take notes, annotate and highlight passages and draw. Because these styluses mimic physical writing, they provide greater precision and comfort than a finger on the screen. This helps students express ideas more confidently.

kids learning with a laptop and logitech accessories

Adding a mouse to a Chromebook or laptop can make navigating the web and educational apps easier and faster. The Logitech M325 wireless mouse has a contoured ambidextrous design and a smooth cursor control that helps students be more precise in their work. 

Equipping students with solutions that enhance focus and block out background noise equally supports self-paced reading, writing and research. Webcams and headsets can help to engage students deeper in the independent learning process. For young learners, the teachers can invite an author remotely using the C270 webcam. This can encourage students to ask questions about the story and writing process. Older, tech-adept students can pair the Logitech Pen or Crayon with the Logitech C270 HD webcam to create tutorials, explain a concept or solve a problem using language and tools they select. 

 Students who own their learning find answers in multiple places and share what they discover in authentic ways. With solutions designed for learning and built for school, students can choose technology that puts them in control.

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