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Case Studies

Case Studies

See how your fellow teachers and schools have empowered students and simplified their work with Logitech education solutions.

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Discover how one elementary school enhanced their students’ learning experience using the Logitech Pen in collaboration with the learning app Kami.

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Ark Globe Academy

Find out how Ark Globe Academy uses digital learning tools and devices to improve collaboration, creativity and fun. 

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See how one high school optimized teaching and learning experiences in virtual and hybrid classes.

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Responsive Ed

See how ResponsiveEd put video collaboration solutions to work for them so they could focus on their mission — providing hope to students through educational opportunities.

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Washington State School for the Blind

See how Washington State School implemented unique video collaboration solutions to effectively serve more than 1,400 blind and visually impaired students.

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Appleby College, Grades 7-12

Appleby College put its motto of “Neither Rashly Nor Timidly” into practice when it leveraged Logitech video collaboration solutions to keep learning going.

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University of Michigan

See how the University of Michigan expanded its teaching paradigm with Logitech video conferencing solutions.

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University of Basel

At the University of Basel, Logitech MeetUp conference cameras digitized courses to transform and energize learning during a pandemic.

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Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

Berlin International University of Applied Sciences connected its international students and faculty in a hybrid learning model powered by the Logitech Rally solution.

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University of Otago

See how New Zealand’s oldest university put Logitech video conferencing solutions to work, expanding staff and student collaboration.

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Michigan Colleges Alliance

See how the Michigan Colleges Alliance connected 40,000 students, and faculty and staff across 15 campuses with Logitech solutions.

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See how one teacher moved from a traditional classroom to a fully remote setting and back to in-person teaching without missing a beat, thanks to Logitech solutions for education.

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Shelton School

This independent PK-12 school serving students with learning differences put the Mevo camera to work to create an interactive and positive hybrid learning environment.

Food for Thought


Do your homework to learn about the tools and solutions available to you and how to best use them to bring learning to life for your students. 

Modern robotic club members testing their robots

Education Experts Share 5 Tips to Get Students to Focus for Longer

How can educators design environments that fits modern learning flexibility and maintains students’ ability to concentrate?

Student live streaming using the StreamCam product

Logitech Pen: Designed For Learning, Built for Schools

We designed the Logitech Pen for students, with students. Learn about the seven principles applied in the design and engineering process to perfect the Logitech pen.

5 Strategies to lower classroom noise

5 Strategies to Lower Classroom Noise Pollution With and Without Technology

Noise pollution can be a huge distraction in the classroom. Educators looking for ways to lower noise pollution and keep students focused can try one or more of these tips, tools, and tactics.

Celebrating Edtech Digital Learning Day

Celebrating Edtech on Digital Learning Day

In honor of the 12th Annual Digital Learning Day, we’re highlighting the ways EdTech helps digital learners and educators shine their brightest.

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

3 Simple Solutions for Classroom Noise Pollution

In the hustle and bustle of a modern classroom, noise can seriously impact a student’s ability to learn. Here are a few teaching strategies and technologies that make classrooms quieter

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

School Tools and Tips: Rugged Combo 3 and Crayon

Two suburban Chicago schools share their experiences with Logitech Rugged Combo 3 and Crayon

A student in library engaged in audio learning

3 Ways to Keep Students Tuned into Learning

Finding ways to unlock student engagement in today's distracted classrooms is paramount. Read about key strategies that help boost focus in the classroom.

Educenter Learning


Assessments show where students are and how best to support them. Learn how integrating the appropriate tech tools in each of these categories will help drive student focus and success.

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

Why Tech Should Adapt to Meet Motor Skills

As students develop motor skills across ages and activities, their abilities to navigate tech change

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

3 Great Strategies to Supercharge Student Creativity

A helpful checklist of ideas for educators to boost students’ creative superpowers

Kid playing a game on laptop

Esports and Education: More Than Fun and Games

We partnered with Gen Esports to explore how esports participation can contribute to student success.

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Students and teacher using an iPad and digital pencil


Creativity in teaching can show through via both the creation and the delivery of lessons. Schools can empower teachers to “think outside the classroom” to find new and dynamic ways to connect with more students and broaden their opportunities.

Class using video conferencing equipment

Ignite Student Potential With Tech-Enabled Video Solutions

Creating an immersive learning environment and experience connects students to teachers, peers, and learning material. See how the right tech-enabled solutions do this, closing the gap and improving access to education for more students.

Student using headset and external webcam for learning

Student Equity in Focus

With students learning from anywhere, the need for equitable access to learning opportunities and content could not be more timely. See how technology can help enable this.

Teacher presenting in a hybrid learning environment

Building Resilient Students

See how flexible learning environments can support student resilience during times of transition while enabling a consistent delivery of education. 

Students collaborating in class

Student Outcomes at the Center

Learn how technology helps educators to create hybrid-first learning environments that allow for the continuity of learning under any circumstances and the ensuring of student success without interruption.

Classroom setup with technology tools

Classroom of the Now On-Demand Webinar

Hear how the strategic implementation of technology facilitates the flexible learning structure needed to support multiple learning structures and modalities, expanding educational opportunities.

kids using a laptop with external webcam

Maximizing Stamina in Digital Learning

Student comfort, stamina and overall well-being should be among the primary considerations when schools implement tech solutions. This report shows how these factors directly impact the learning experience and outcomes.

Children in a class learning using technology

E-Book: Enhancing Learning Through Technology

The strategic use of tech in learning can unlock barriers, make things easier than before, and even make new things possible. Learn how to open new opportunities for students and educators.

Classroom setup with technology tools

Classroom of the Now

See how to learn from the pandemic to create the flexible environments that will move education forward and expand educational opportunities.

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

4 Benefits of Headsets to Address ELL Learning Loss

Language learning requires that students can hear clearly and be heard clearly when pronouncing new sounds. See how a headset with an integrated microphone supports language learners.

Illustration of a person using a laptop on a stack of books

5 Digital Wellness Tips for At-Home Learning

See how to easily give your child an at-home learning setup that supports their well-being and their ability to actively engage in learning. 

Video conferencing camera on top of a monitor

ISTE20 Live: 5 Must-Have Technologies for the Hybrid Classroom

See why EdTech magazine named the Logitech Rally camera as 1 of 5 must-have items for effective hybrid learning. 

Children in a class learning using technology


Guide students to their fullest potential with these 15 teacher-tested ideas to infuse creativity in the classroom

Digital Transformation

At The Heart Of Digital Transformation For All

A white paper to overview how we see the state of education and where opportunity lies for educators and classrooms.

Top tips to school

Top Tips for Back to School

As students and teachers prepare for a new school year, we’ve assembled some of our top tips.

Woman video conferencing on laptop with webcam and headphones

5 Simple Tech Strategies Every Remote Teacher Needs

There’s a big difference between teaching in a virtual classroom and face-to-face. At the Outschool conference, educators shared five tech strategies for working remotely. 

Technic workspace

Secure Peripherals for Universities & Schools

Learn how universities and schools can reduce cyber security threats and help create secure and safe learning environments.

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4 Digital Activities that Develop Handwriting Skills

Handwriting is one of the foundational skills taught in schools. That’s why it is so important to have the right tools in the classroom to support handwriting. Here are four activities to help students develop handwriting skills using our digital tools.

Kid typing on laptop with a headset

What is USI?

An explanation on what USI is and how adopting it for products like Logitech Pen helps educators.

Illustration of a person using a laptop on a stack of books

Matching Tools to Learning Styles: Mouse & Stylus

There are more tech tools available than ever. But what should your school use? And when?

Illustration of a person using a laptop on a stack of books

A Sketchnote About Sketchnoting

Sketchnoting is a favorite tool among educators. Find out how sketchnoting helps students retain information, develop their creativity and more

Kids Watching Ipad

The Ergonomics Equation

Physical comfort is an important concern in schools. Logitech commissioned the nonprofit EdWeek Research Center to conduct a survey with over 1,000 educators on the connection between comfort and student engagement.

Solution Info


Get introduced to Logitech’s education portfolio to find the solution that fits your school’s needs.

Teacher using Blue Mic and StreamCam for demo.


Child learning to type on logitech keyboard

Solutions for Student Focus

Teacher using Blue Mic and StreamCam for demo.

Solutions for Education

Teacher using Blue Mic and StreamCam for demo.

Teachers as Creators

kids using a laptop with external webcam

Logitech Chromebook Solutions for Education

Child using a tablet with logitech keyboard case

Logitech Rugged Combo 3

Person using an iPad with a durable case

Logitech Rugged Combo 3 Touch

Child using a digital pencil on iPad

Logitech Crayon

Child using a headset for class

Logitech H111 Stereo Headset for Education

kids using a laptop with external webcam

Logitech C270 Webcam for Education

2 people using a laptop with logitech accessories

Logitech B100 Mouse for Education

Wireless mouse scattered on a table

Logitech M325 Mouse for Education

Child learning to type on logitech keyboard

Logitech K120 Keyboard for Education

students interacting with a computer

Logitech MK120 Mouse & Keyboard for Education

Students using a wireless keyboard and mouse with a laptop

Logitech MK270 Mouse & Keyboard for Education

Student live streaming using the StreamCam product

Logitech Pen

Student live streaming using the StreamCam product

Students as Creators



See how to empower students and teachers for success in any environment and on any platform.


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